My name is Ferd Sebastian, I am 81 years old. I’ve wasted most of my life fighting the world trying to get ahead by hook or crook. What I found was that I was not superman. There was always someone faster, meaner or uglier to aggravate my life. Then when after pounding my body to the breaking point I was brought to my knees. It looked like there was no way up, but there was, Jesus. He reached down and picked me up and said why didn’t you call on me sooner? I’ve been with you all the time but you wouldn’t listen. So He raised me up, healed my body, renewed my mind and filled me with his spirit and love.

During the past 26 years walking with Jesus, He has filled my mind to the bursting point with the glories He has in store for us right here on earth, if we will only follow Him and accept the promises and gifts that He has provided for us. So when we started doing business over the Internet I knew that God wanted me to share what Jesus had taught me with others. So 2Jesus was born. Although I have been testifying to others all along I felt that this was a chance to reach thousands.

So Come 2Jesus with me, let me share what I have learned. Meet some of the new Christian friends I have made and let them share what they have learned. Open your heart and let Jesus in don’t wait as long as I did to find the secret to health, prosperity, and peace through the love of Jesus Christ.

(Ferd Sebastian became an Ordained Minister on October 17th 1999)





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  1. Willie J Vriwn

    My phone # 404-234-8401
    I would reall like to talk to you I get ur website From Martha who does health and nutrition for the body . I hope to hear from very soon

  2. Willie J Brow

    It is a blessing that you share the good news about Christ with others, Jesus is the way I live to he has touch ur life & now he is using you to touch others

  3. Sufi

    ☄✨ Dear Fred. This is Sufi. I have lived a life filled with the extraordinary. Sometimes very dark, sometimes miraculous. I am currently suffering from hsv2~ genital herpes. I have also struggled with deep depression and other health ailments. My faith is the reason I am still alive ~ my path has not been the easiest. Recently I have had lack of faith and would greatly appreciate prayer support. I have once been saved by Christ and wish to regain my Faith in the Truth and Miracle of Divine. I wish to be a testament in Health and Wholeness. Infinite love and gratitude.
    Sufi ✨☄


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