Ferd Sebastian takes you on a Healing Trip with Jesus.

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  1. 1. Introduction to Divine Healing – 3:53 3:53
  2. 2. Ferd’s Testimony, why I know God’s word is true – 17:44 15:13
  3. 3. The way to receive God’s Healing Power – 34:43 34:43
  4. 4. Know who you are in Christ – 20:29 17:58
  5. 5. Doubt the Devil’s Best Weapon – 12:30 12:31
  6. 6. Faith, your Life Line to God – 29:15 29:18
  7. 7. Problem Healing – 29:17 26:43

Testimonies about the Divine Healing Audio:

Hi Ferd

Am listening to your CD … very inspiring. I feel my faith is being renewed and my belief in God’s saving Word is being deepened each day. I thought I knew God and now I realize that I am being called to trust in his saving word. “He must increase, I must decrease”. It is curious Ferd that I thought I knew God (my former life as a Catholic Priest for 10 years) but in many ways I sense that I am only now beginning to understand that I need to open my heart and express my desire for God in a way that I have not known how to. This illness has forced me to listen to the meaning of this change in my life and to realize that I cannot manage this on my own.

My heart and mind have turned to God and His living Son, Jesus in a way that is new. For many years I prayed but it felt like I was just going through the motions … a bit like walking up to work where you punch in your time card and go thought the motions. Now I am learning a different way, a more heart felt way to pray, to give thanks and to know that I am not alone. I am very blessed to have so many caring people in my life. My eyes of faith are being opened more and more each day to God’s healing power. I thank God for all he has given me now and I have let go of my anger and resentment. I can only live this moment and this now time and I believe that God is inviting me to live this NOW in his presence and to live my life without fear but to embrace gratitude, with heart-felt sense of praise for what I can do.

Ferd, I thank God for you and your healing message. I pray for you and ask God to bless you.

Enjoy the day. Be Blessed,


Bro. Ferd:

I am listening to these tapes on a continuous basis. You know I loved all of the testimonies, but Lavern’s testimony spoke to my need. Ferd, I am so happy that you decided to share these tapes with me and with the world. Many people can benefit from these messages. I know you sent them out with an anointing. I pray that this tape ministry will be expanded. I pray the Jabez prayer regarding this tape ministry. I can also envision you on the radio, maybe XM radio. Yes, Ferd, we will do it. We will get the love of Christ in our life and get healed.

Thank you my brother,

Ferd, I’m listening to your audio cd right now on my iphone and it’s blessing me beyond belief! You had all kinds of diseases and still God heals you time and time again wow, I’m so glad that guy from streaming faith gave me your web address. You watch when I see my doctor I will have good news to share with you and the world.



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