Hi, just a note to tell all of my followers, thank you; for supporting 2jesus with your prayers, encouragement and donations. It is all important, working together, keeping 2Jesus up and operating around the world. So many of you, from all over the world, have written, thanking me for 2Jesus. I have made many friends over the years. I know that I will never see hundreds of you until we get to Heaven, Then we will have a 2Jesus party.

I am now 84 years young and in good health. Thank you Jesus! Below is a film that was made years ago, it tells how 2Jesus got started. I look a little tired in the film, I was. It was the end of a long day. Over the years I was never alone, people in need like many of you kept coming in and Jesus, was always with me, to see that I gave you the proper words… A Special Thanks, to my Friend Fred Nelsen, for Our Great New Internet Site. Love in Christ, Pastor Ferd

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3 Responses to “Ferd Sebastian Healing Testimony”

  1. Tinu

    Please pray for me the symptoms of Herpes in raging my body.My nervous system is under attack.I need God’s healing urgently. I believe with him all things are possible in Jesus name

  2. Kariela

    Hi I am 23 was diagnosed with herpes simplex I’m trying to be strong but this has gotten ahold of me.I know there’s a porpuse for me and that God has a plan for me please I ask for prayers.

  3. Mastermind777

    I need to be healed of herpes. I was recently diagnosed with it and in a 7 year marriage and feel I brought it in our marriage. And last time I went to life church. Jesus told me that I wanted you to feel the pain your actions caused so many. But now I’m going to fix all of this. After taking 4 tests. And confessing all my sins and turning over a new life I still have the disease. Where am I going wrong. What can I do now. Jesus promised me healing. But no results.