Too Good Not To Share

Dear Pastor / Brother / Sister in Christ,

Greetings to you in Jesus' name!

I ask apology to you as I couldn't address to you properly as I am in great need to send this email to you immediately.

I would like to share with you that I have met with Mrs. Surjyu Bibi and her daughter at one of our House Church fellowship on last Tuesday (on dated 19th July). They have heard The Gospel of Christ from our dear Sis. Moyazan and Sister Aimazan and they became very interested to learn more about Jesus. The radical Muslims has given threats to all the local villagers not to keep social & any other relation with our dear believer families and not to show any interest for The Gospel of Christ. But still they both (Mrs. Surjyu Bibi & her young daughter decided to attend at our Fellowship. I had encouraged them from God's Word so that they will trust on Him and not to fear the radical Muslims.

Today, Sis. Moyazan & Aimazan went to visit Surjyu Bibi & her daughter just few hours ago. As soon as they reached at their home, several hundreds radical Muslims joined together and shouted, pushed, mocked, harassed them and wanted to bit to our dear Moyazan & Aimazan. They accused them as they are sharing The Gospel of Jesus to other villagers. Several hundreds radical Muslims held them and not allowing them to return their homes. A group of radical Muslims wanted to call meeting against them and take action against Moyazan & Aimazan immediately. However, one of our believer sister from the same village informed me about the situation. We all prayed for God's protection in their lives and I tried to contact Police Station. Then I talked to Aimazan through cell phone and she said that they both are released now by His grace. Radical Muslims tried to snatch her mobile so that she may not be able to contact to me / us or police station. A man twisted one hand of Mrs. Suryu Bibi but it has not broken.

I humbly request you kindly uphold Mrs. Surjyu Bibi & her daughter and other family members in your prayers. Please pray for the protection of all our believer families in this village. Also pray that God's will change the hearts of radical Muslims for His own glory.

With regards,


Thank you Jesus for your protection ... 2jesus

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