A Work In Progress
From Debbie Dalrymple

Dear Ferd;

I wanted to share with you a healing that I received recently. Twenty five years ago I was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse, and as of testing done 10 years ago I had regurgitation of +2-+3, which is moderate. I was greatly troubled by this as I had been praying for healing. I decided to have no more testing done, out of frustration. I have continued my active lifestyle, but some recent arrhythmia symptoms got me to the point that I became willing to have testing done again, after 10 years. This was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make because my passions are strenuous things like hiking on the Appalachian Trail, and who knows what could have deteriorated in that time and destroyed my dreams. I have been reading the material on your website about Healing and Speaking Victory and following the directions.

Last week I got the results; that the regurgitation is now only +1-+2, which is mild, ejection fraction is normal, the heart is normal in size (one of the complications of leakage is that the ventricle can enlarge and ejection fraction fall) and in good shape. I also did two stress tests, one regular and one thallium. The staff said they could remember only one person staying on longer than I did! Nor is there any artery blockage. My fears did not come to pass, and I do consider this a miracle. I believe the healing is a work in progress and will continue.

I read your section on Problem Healing and realized I probably have all of the problems mentioned. I began to pray about the need for inner healing and speak victory over old hurts, unforgiveness, unbelief, and things that I have never dealt with. So two healings are being accomplished.

If I had been healed instantly many years back, I probably would have been like one of those people who "pull up at the filling station" and leave, going right back to the way they were.

I thought in June that for some reason this would be one of the best summers of my life; and it has been, despite the valley that Jesus just walked through with me. Every testimony seems to involve some test. Further, in a few weeks I will be hiking in the White Mountains in New Hampshire with the blessing of my cardiologist who says I am in excellent health. I promised to bring him pictures from Mount Washington.

So I praise the Lord for what He did, and know I must share it. I'll keep you posted as He works in me. I also thank 2Jesus for the help on this web site. I have been looking at this for maybe the past 10 years and always find something helpful.

God Bless You

Debbie Dalrymple

For ten years she has been trusting the Lord, never give up ... 2jesus