Wonderful Blessings
by: Vicky Kennedy

Dear Ferd,

Thank you so much for your reply back to me it can so quickly, that it was kind of a shock. I did claim the promise of Jesus that I didn't have to suffer anymore, and since then I have only had a small hint of the pain I used too. As soon as the pain tries to come back I warn Satan that God has healed me of that problem and to go away, AND IT DOES !!!!

The problem I had was called Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It got real bad after my bad gallbladder was removed. I have been on many different medications and have had a large number of (expensive) tests run by doctors to find the complications to no avail. About a month ago I came down with the terrible intestinal flu that has affected many in our area, in fact when I caught it they were completely out of the medicine for it. With it came horrible stomach pains that I thought would surely kill me, and after the flu was gone they stayed with me and at times got worse. There were a few times that the pain was so intense that I became dizzy and almost passed out. I begged God to either take them away or just let me die. I could not wear anything around my stomach, not even the loosest elastic, that didn't bring on the pain. The hardest part was being ill with a husband and four children to take care of.

When I read through the verses in your healing section I felt God telling me that He didn't intend for me to be in pain, yet that was all I could focus on. I claimed His promise of healing and gave to Jesus what He had already taken for me. I HAVE BEEN HEALED. PRAISE GOD FOR HIS WONDERFUL BLESSINGS.

I thank God for putting your site right where He wanted me to find it. I also thank Him for your ministry May He continue to Bless you richly.

Love in Christ,
Vicky Kennedy

2jesus thanks Vicky for sharing.
And Thank you Jesus for always being there for us.