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Prayer Warrior
by: Joseph Nixon

Hello 2jesus. About two months ago, I sent in a friend's name to add to your prayer list. At the time she was worried about breast cancer. I told her that she was on the 2jesus prayer list and that a lot of people would be praying for her.

She went to her doctor, and was told that she did indeed have breast cancer. BUT, it was a stage one cancer that was easily cured. Now, after 6 weeks of chemo treatments, she is out of danger and on the road to a complete recovery. Thanks to Jesus and all the folks who prayed for her.

I want you to know also, that every week I latch onto 2jesus and I go to the Prayer Garden list. I scroll down the list of all the people and say their names out loud to myself and at the end of the list, I say my prayer for all these people. So maybe in my own little way I am a prayer warrior too.

Also, I saw your newsletter about the bibles for the men at the lighthouse. I don't have a lot of money and am partly retired, but I would like to help out. I can help you buy 10 bibles. If that is o.k. so let me know where to send the check and I will get it in the mail tomorrow. Again thanks to Jesus. And to all you folks at 2jesus keep up the good work ...

Have a great, terrific and safe day. Peace be with you
Just plain Joe

Joe is one of our best prayer warriors!!!! And he is anything but plain. ... 2jesus