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Walk With Jesus
From: Vivian Luguma

Thank you for giving me the honor of telling you about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His free gift of salvation.

In a world full of chaos and confusion, I have found peace and fulfillment in my walk with Jesus Christ. That's right, my walk with Him. That's the greatest part about salvation. When l ask Jesus Christ to come into my heart to be my Savior and Lord that's exactly what He did. He actually sets up residence in my heart. You see, Christ not only died on the cross and rose again so that we could have eternal life, but so that He could be with us, to lead and guide us, every day of our lives.

This is sincerely the prayer l prayed,

"Lord Jesus, I admit that I am a sinner, born into a world of sins. I believe that you are the Son of God and you died on the cross so that my sins could be forgiven. I ask you to forgive me of my sins and become my savior. Help me to grow in my relationship with you. Amen."

Thank you so much for your time and may God richly bless your life. l would be glad if you can share in my new life in Christ by sending me a Bible.

Vivian, is from Nigeria, she now has her Bible ... 2jesus