From: Viraiah, in India

My name is Viraiah, I am 52 Year old. I am doing work in the factory stone crusher mill. I am a heavy alcoholic drinker. I have to feed my wife and 4 of my children with my money, but I use my money for drinking. Due to that my family faced many problems. My wife requested me many time about the drinking, but I never stopped.

I don't know about Jesus Christ, because we are living near to hills. So I never attended to church in my life. Due to my heavy drinking my health was damaged. One day suddenly my chest was getting pain. I don't know why it came. I when to hospital and check up about it, but nothing is there every thing is fine, but I am unable to breath well and eat. I am really afraid am I die? I cried many nights. I when to many hospitals for the curing of this disease but no body find that problem. I know that pain was arise due to drinking. Now I can't work for my family. My wife and children are working now.

On 10th and 11th Pastor Ranjit came to my village and told about Jesus Christ, then I understand Jesus can heal me. So I listen all the words from the bible then I told my problem to Pastor Ranjit, he prayed about me and told me that if you have a great faith upon Jesus the faith will heal you. Then I realized that God can heal me, all the people including Pastor lay there hands upon me and prayed for me.

On that same day in the night I don't know some sound arise in my chest. Really I sleep well in that night. Early morning I got wonderful healing. Now I can breath with normal, no pain in my chest. Praise Jesus. This healing is give to me by Jesus, so I never leave him until my death, Viraiah.

Pastor Ranjit represents 2jesus in India. Thank you Jesus ...2jesus