I Typed in Jesus
From Ruth B. Dreher

Dear Brother Ferd,

I'd like to really thank you for your web site and your words of wisdom about how to get to know Jesus, faith, healing, peace. I've suffered from depression for a long time. Everything I did took an enormous amount of effort, from cleaning my room, doing my homework, writing people, you name it. Getting through school took an enormous amount of emotional effort, and I just did enough to get by. Finally, I got married and had a beautiful little boy. However, I was overwhelmed and depressed after he was born; it was hard to take care of him the way I should have. I couldn't stand to live anymore like this and I knew I needed help. I really didn't believe in Jesus until college, and from that time I would run into Him occasionally when He would help me out, sometimes in pretty spectacular ways, but I had never made a concerted commitment to Him, probably because I had never become desperate enough.

Well, anyway, I typed in "Jesus" and "Healing" onto an Internet search engine, and up popped "2Jesus" as the first web site. Your site really brought Jesus to life for me, especially your interpretation of the Scriptures about healing, faith, doubt, peace, etc. and the testimonies, Words to Live By, and Inspirational Stories. I started to read the Bible more, pray more, talked to Jesus throughout the day, confess my sins, talked about Jesus to other people, searched for a church to join, and started listening to the Christian radio station. Slowly, bit by bit, my depression lifted over the course of these last few months until it was totally GONE. Thanks to Jesus! I can now do things, anything, with no emotional effort - it's incredible! I just say, Jesus, help me do (whatever), and He helps me! I have never felt so free in my life! Jesus has made me a much better Mom who takes care of and enjoys her child the way she should.

Also, I started praying to God with what I hoped was the kind of faith you described on 2Jesus, especially about healing. My little boy had the same bug bites for weeks that seemed to be getting worse, so I asked God to heal them, and the next day, they were noticeably improved and disappeared within a few days. I had been bickering with my husband and I asked God to help me control my tongue so that I would be kind and loving toward him even if he said and did things that bugged me, and instantly I felt something switch off inside my brain, and from that moment on I've been able to (mostly) control my tongue and say kind things to my husband. It's made a huge improvement to our marriage. Thank you, God! Most recently, my Dad injured his left knee several months ago while working outside, it became swollen, and then the right knee became swollen because of the way my Dad was walking from the injured left knee. His knees remained swollen for about two months and they were becoming painful enough that he was planning on going to the doctor. My Dad, Mom, and I got on the phone and prayed that God would heal my Dad's knees. The next day, the swelling was almost gone, the pain was gone, and within a few days, his knees were as good as new and have been great ever since. Praise the Lord!

Anyway, I finally think that I have started on a journey with Jesus, even though it seems like I'm just beginning. 2Jesus was crucial in getting me started, so thank you so much, Ferd!

Your sister in Christ,
Ruth B. Dreher