"Lord this is too much for me."
From: Eamonn, from Ireland


I just wanted to send this email to say thanks for the web site. It has helped me through a very difficult time. My Grandmother was diagnosed with cancer 2 months ago. She was told that they could just try to keep her comfortable and that she didn't have long.

She has been a wonderful woman of God her whole life and is now 80 years old. My family have all rallied around her, but all seemed to accept the inevitable. Through your web site I know that anything that we ask the Father in the name of his son we can consider done. I was reading the story 'The Grocery List' and afterwards took a moment and said to Jesus, "Lord this is too much for me, life's getting the best of me, you know my needs and I am placing it in your hands."

To be honest it has been difficult to trust him and I constantly have the devil telling me the worst and trying to discourage me, but I'm putting my trust in Jesus. I'm just repeating over and over again that I am putting it all in his hands.

Yesterday my Grandmother went to the hospital for a scan. Her lung which was collapsed has now been completely restored. The cancer tumors have reduced. They can't believe it, but I can because I know that it is in God's hands.

What is impossible for doctors is not impossible for Christ.

Jesus really is great!! No matter what happens in my life he is in control now and I know its going to be a fun ride. It was through your web site that I found Christ so I just want you to know how important the site is. If I had not found 2Jesus.org, I don't know where I'd be now!

Jesus really is great.

Kindest regards


Welcome to following Jesus, life with Him is a fun ride ... 2jesus