Through God's Grace
From Elizabeth

Dear Fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Well I am a Widow in Goa India) since 3 1/2 years and I did not have a very happy marriage. I have 3 kids. For a year after my husband death I never thought of ever marrying a man. Just then a neighbour suggested the idea. I tried alot to find a man on net. It did not work so I tried through the newspaper and found one who said he was divorced but was still married. He stayed with us for 5 months and took alot of my money and since his business was down and he was in deep financial problem he just walked away.

The phone kept ringing as his clients were asking about his whereabout. I happened to mention this to a chat friend of mine who bought a proposal of his boss. I thought let forget it all and it so happened it was the same day I was invited for a prayer service. So I thought it was God wish. Well this person on the pretext of the arrival of the proposal man came to my home and stabbed me on the neck. But throught God grace I got saved. This is how the Lord saved my life and now I am a Born Again Christian and saved spirtitual also.

I got on this site since I am doing a Bible Study Course and I had a assignment to do.

So Jesus is there Now and Forever no matter what we really are. He loves and cares for us in all circumstances.


Thank you Jesus for saving Elizabeth's life ... 2jesus