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He's Always There
by: Eugene Colegrove

I was born Jan 3, 1951 bright blue eyes and blond headed and very healthy. In the spring of 55 I hadn't been feeling well but you know children they have to stay active and of course I was doing my part. It was in the morning time and I was playing with my brothers and was running through the house chasing them when I fell and couldn't get up. I had fallen into the fetus position and wasn't able to straighten up. My father was in another state holding a revival when this took place so my sister and mother took me to the family doctor and he in turn sent me to someone who might know what was wrong. I was diagnosed with poliomyelitis which effected my whole body. I was paralyzed from the neck down, put into a iron lung and then isolation for almost a year and could only see my mother and father through a tiny little 3"x6" window. They were not allowed to come in the room.

The doctors told my parents that they needed to get ready because they were going to have to dress me, feed me, get me up, push me around in a wheel chair because the polio had really messed my little body up and there was no real hope that they could see.

There was 290 of us little children that came down with polio that spring and within a month 210 of them past away. So the picture they were giving my parents was not good. Well needless to say my father being a minister of God wouldn't take that for a answer. He went home called some of his friends who called some of their friends which just kept going until it was heard all over the church groups that prayer was needed.

I remember the doctors calling my father up and saying you need to come up to the hospital right away. So dad thinking here we go went and got the head deacon and mom and came up there. The doctors told them to stay down at the other end of the hall because they had something to show them and with that the doctor turn to me and said Gene show your father what you can do. You know what I did, I got up out of that bed and went walking out of that room down the hallway toward my parents, when dad saw me he fell on his face and began to give God all the glory because without Him on our side this miracle would not have happened. I went home and within the next miracle days all the doctors could say was this is a MIRACLE.

I'm 48 now and God has never failed me when I needed Him, He's always there and will always be. I have many more things the Lord has done for me but I'll share them with you later.

In His Service.
Gene Colegrove