Thank You For For My Lufe
From David Anaekwe

He Alone is worthy

To worship and Adore

The Lamb of God Victorious

My Risen Lord

He purchased my redemption

My Righteousness is He

Exalt the Name of Jesus

He is Worthy


Sing it Him


It's exactly 365 days ago

Yeah! Exactly one year today

On the 10th of October 2003

That beautiful day of the Lord

Yeah! A day made by Him that is above all

A day for His glory

A day for His honour

A day of His Praise

A day He made for the glory of His name

A day mistaken by the enemy of my soul

Yeah! A day that his ploys failed

A day of God's Grace


It was a Friday

Exactly the same day my Bible tells me that My Jesus died

Yes a day He died for my victory

A day He paid the price for my sins

A day that He bought me

And made me worth a more than a million to my God

A day that a worthless me was made of a precious prize to a great God

Yeah! A precious prize by that precious prize that was paid

Oh what a Great price was paid for a worthless me

That I might be worth something before Him

That my Life may be precious in His sight


Yes it was on such a day

At about 5 pm

Yes about two hours after the bible reported

That my Lord Cried "It is finished"

And then gave up the Ghost

Marking the eternal victory that has been gotten for me

Yes, it about such a time that the enemy of my soul sought my Life

But, the Lord of my soul said, “His price has been paid”

He was bought with a precious prize

He is worth my son

Because I gave my only begotten for Him

His victory has been bought


I remember with vivid memories the scene of that ghastly auto accident

Oh! but for the power that raised Jesus from death

That came mightily to rescue where the hand of no man could have gotten

Saying, "Touch not my anointed, do my prophet no harm"

Yeah! Uttering, "Not a bone of his shall be broken"

Who could have believed that the people in that car are still alive?

Talk less believing that one standing by the car was part of it

As the passionate crowd stood afar off watching with amazement and screaming

Yet not a soul was lost

Even the driver of the trailer with whom the collision was had

Uttered and said,

"Your heart must be clean for you to come out of this car alive"

Yet it was not by any of my righteousness

But by His grace alone

His grace that saw me, and what He could make of me

Not as yet by what I am

But What I could be in Him

Oh for the fountain of that Grace and mercy


It would have been a year of Remembrance of me

People writing "A year in Mind"

My Loved ones would have remembered me today and wished it never happened

But Here I am

Like a brand plucked out of the fire

Like a Living brought from among the dead

Living an extra year of Grace

A year I would never have had if my Lord hadn't bought me

A year I wouldn't have had if He did not die for me

A year I would not have had but for His mercies

For I tell you, I had worth nothing to live an extra moment but for Him

And today, I am not remembered, but "I" remember

Today I am not a year in any mind but I have a year in my Mind

All by His grace


And this year of celebration has fallen into a Sunday

A day that the work on the cross was finished

Began on a Friday when the prize was paid and the Blood shed

Consummated on a Sunday when the powers of grave could not hold Him captive

When the eternal victory was blown up

When the world knew that the death was victory in disguise

Victory concealed beneath the earth till the third day

When the Power of resurrection declared Him risen Lord

And Oh grave where is thy power?

Oh death where is your sting?

He spared me

As He spared the first borns' of the tribe of Israel by the blood

On the day that the angel of death passed through the Land of Egypt

And consecrated all of them to be His for ever

So He has spared me from death

And consecrated me

That I may no longer live the rest of my life but to Him


Oh my Lord for this prize you paid

Oh for this Life you bought

Oh for each extra moment you grant

That it might be yours and yours alone

Oh that the whole of this life

And all that it brings out

Be wholly nothing else Lord

But that, that would give you praise

And touch more lives for You Lord


Oh that the whole of my life

And all that I am

And all that I would ever be

Be fully consecrated Lord to thee

I can never really be anything better

Than to Live for Him who died for me

Gave Himself for me

That I might be worth something precious in His sight


Lord, I am forever grateful

And if truly I have found grace in your sight

Grant me strength and grace that each extra moment of this life may be lived for you

That you and you alone would have all your way in my life

That each passing moment of the remnant of my days Lord may give you glory

That my life may be guided by you and lived for you

Lord that you will really have me

Till I come to be with you in Glory

Grant me this oh God

As I this day celebrate your grace and might in my Life this day

Beloved please spare a moment to bless Him for my Life


Thank you Jesus for David, my brother ... Ferd@2jesus