From: Nancy (A young lady who had HIV)

I want to thank Jesus for my healing, I know that I am totally healed from the bottom of my heart. My brother in Christ Ferd may God increase you and I wonder if people know about you. From the day you made prayers for me I faced a lot of challenges and I knew it was just to shake me, but I thank God because I realized that was not true, I told devil that I do not live by what I see or feel but I live by faith and the Grace of God. I also reminded him that I am what God said I am and it will come to pass because God's word is true if he says I am healed, I am (1Peter 2 - 24).

The truth is there was a battle field, devil tried to bring me down in so many ways, but I refused to go back to my tablets. As I am writing this I refuse to be inflicted again by any sickness because I have known God and he abides in me so no sickliness / weapon fashioned against me or my children shall prosper. I am thanking God and devil will not be allowed to steal my healing. God is working wonders for me and my children, all what was stolen from me is being restored now in the Might Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I am a victor and all things works good together for me by the Glory of God. My brother this is only to remind you that I have not forgotten and you and I will not forget. Wait I am still coming with more testimonies and I would want God to use me to help other people who were like me because it took me long time to understand God and that he can actually do wonders. I know am still learning and I got a long way to read and understand bible and to love God in truth not only seeking him because I have got problems. I think the day I will only manage to love and thank him my life will be a turn around. I know he loves me because I know where I am coming from and he was so patient with me. I LOVE JESUS and I THANK YOU MY BROTHER FERD because with your teaching everything opens. How can I order your CD to listen to your teachings. Where can I buy your book, CD and DVD.