I will FOREVER be thankful to you for your Web Site.
From: Sister Matha Odura

For over 29 years l was nothing but troubled and I wanted nothing to do with GOD. On July 1st 2010, things changed. I accepted JESUS as my Savior. I did not realize how hard it would be to go back out into the world without becoming like the world again.

It took me years to have my eyes opened to the truth. And, this is the truth. If it were not for your web site 2jesus.org, l would have not known the truth and if not for the pastor of this ministry who showed me your web site and the people in the ministry who sacrificed their time to explain to me all the materials l had printed out from this your web site especially about your testimony on how you got saved, I have no doubts that I would be dead and in hell today.

Now,the LORD has blessed me beyond any words that I can write. He saved me, He gave me a new life and mended my broken relationship with my parents after many years of separation.

I will FOREVER be thankful to you for your web site.
Sister Matha Odura

Sister Matha, was saved by the Word ... 2jesus