He is still healing!
From: Cowboy

Tom "Cowboy" Burks

PSALMS 73:26
My flesh and my heart faileth:
But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever

Also; MY REHAB IN KY. June 24-27-08

This is the latest touch [account] of God on a friend and me! In May 0f o8; I found out there was a really large outpouring [revival] in FL. I spoke to a friend near me in KY. She had 7 tumors, the size of tennis balls. I took her to the revival. [May 28-30.] The second night there she was feeling on her stomach and said; I Don't feel them any more! We came back to KY She went to the doctor. He did an M.R.I. and found nothing, glory to god! I really burned to be healed my self of C.O.P.D. (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) it is incurable. It was in its last stages. I went back with a friend on June 24-28-08. I and my friend weren't sure I would live to get there. I would walk a few steps and stop to replenish my air. We arrived Tuesday Night, got prayer from folks. Wed. night, I was taken to the stage by a prayer warrior who said Todd wanted to see me. I went with my oxygen on! Todd prayed over me and I went back to my seat. Thurs. night the same girl came to me and said Todd wanted me back on stage. I went. He interviewed me; He asks me to explain to the world what COPD was! I said it was like taking a peach and set it on a table. Leaving it alone it starts to shrivel up. That is what happens to your heart and lungs; then you die. They cannot receive blood to sustain them; then he prayed for me twice. I fell under god's power both times. Two men helped me up and down to ground level. I was so drunk in the spirit I could hardly walk. I haven't used oxygen since. This is Sept 6-08. I couldn't carry 10 pounds of potatoes before. I signed up to be a catcher on the prayer team Friday. I caught people as they were prayed for that lasted about 90 minutes with one break in the middle; how wonderful, glory to god! I had lost my boldness to witness. I got it back the first night. Each morning we ate at the waffle house. The waitress and folks in seats would ask us to pray for them before we left each day. We would stand in the middle of the floor and join hands and pray. [Not loudly but openly, verbally.] One group said they saw me on God TV and asked for prayer at the restaurant. I hope as you read this account it will lift your faith up to believe stronger!

July 7-08; I started weight lifting! I am on 9 different machines; 15 reps each at 30#s. that is a total of 4,050 #s in about 30 minutes. What is amazing is, I don't have hard breathes during or after this! Thank you Lord! My stats are almost perfect at the start each work-out and at the end; they are lower! How exciting is that!

Praise God, Cowboy

Thank you Jesus ... Ferd@2jesus