My son led me to The Son
From Dennis Jones

Here is my testimony of how my son who was 15 years old at the time led me to God. That same son is now eighteen and attending Montreat College. He will major in Youth Ministry and Major in Sports Management. I just give God all the Glory and all the honor for His love for me and my family. I am also including a link to my web site below. I like to say that my son led me to The Son.<.p>

Dennis Jones
Galatians 2:20

I was living a life that was unaware of the love of Jesus Christ our Savior. I'm just an every day person that finally realized that God is a forgiving, loving God, who wants, and knows, what is best for all of us. The hand of God is on us, with us, and guiding us everyday. Even when we will not see it, accept it, or know that it is. God works in many wonderful loving ways. Some people say they are miracles. A miracle is when God works anonymously.

I had been through so many things in my life I believed that if there was a God, He would not put me through the things I had experienced. We do not always understand why things happen, or why we have to go through so much trouble in our lives. But, there is a reason for everything. The only time we will understand it all is when Jesus comes back to take all his children home. He will return in all His glory defeating everything, even death, and placing it under the feet of God the Father.

I lost my Dad in a car accident because of a drunk driver when I was eighteen, just when I needed him the most. It was unfair, because my Dad never drank. I lost my mother when I was 26 and going through a divorce. I had custody of my son, then lost custody of my son when my mother died, all within a thirty day period. At that point, I felt like I was totally alone, and did not want to wake up the next day and face the same loneliness and trouble. I was to the point of committing suicide. I had taken some pills and went out drinking. I had no idea what they were, and didn't care. I remember leaving the bar, and heading for home. I know that I had driven, because as usual, I was alone. I stopped at a truck stop where a friend of mine was working because I was hungry. How I had driven there that far, I'm wasn't sure. (I now know that God the Father sent an Angel that was in the pickup truck with me.) My friend took one look at me, then reached in and took the keys out of the ignition. He literally forced me out of the truck and took me inside. His wife was working there at the time as a waitress. Between the two of them, they forced coffee down me until I got sick. I then went for help to the local mental health department the next day. Once again, God at work. I guess He was not done with me on this earth.

I thought I was really suffering and being punished for no reason. I felt anger towards God for taking my parents from me. If He was all that good, why did he let those things happen? In my mind, nobody was given all the pain, misery, and bad fortune that I had. I had heard about the crucifixion of Jesus, but didn't understand what it stood for, and that it applied to me. After all, I had anger, fear, and resentment for God. There was no way God could ever forgive me for the things I had done , my actions, or thoughts I had. I did not know that by accepting Jesus Christ in my heart and soul as my Lord and Savior, and believing in my heart that He died for my sins, and that he rose from the grave after the third day just like the bible teaches us, and praying through Him to God the Father, my sins would be forgiven. I felt like why would He care about just one person, me. God the Father cares about each and every one of us. He does not want to lose not even one of his precious children. Just as a shepherd does not want to lose one of his sheep. We are all children of God. Psalms 95:7.

I was a lost, scared, divorced dad of 48 years old living what I thought was a good Christian life. I knew of the grace of God, but was fearful that I would not be worthy of His love and forgiveness. The good Christian Life I thought I was living was good only in the eyes of the Satan. I felt that I had been treating people right, and did my best not to hurt anyone. I was trying to be the best father I knew how to my children. I love my children, and grandson very much. But I knew deep inside, I was not the kind of father, or child of God I should be.

My youngest son, Andrew, had been going to a church, that I was not too sure it was the right one for me. My parents had brought me up to believe in God, but did not make my sister, or I go to any particular church. They said when we were old enough to understand what was right for us, we would decide for ourselves. I had been to many churches, and did some research on some of them. There was always something there that just did not feel right. I continued to live my life the best I knew how. Not realizing that the only life I really needed was there all along, just for the asking. I did not know about Matthew 7:7.

Andrew had said to me, "Daddy when I go to heaven, I want you to be with me. I don't want to be there without you". That was the point that I started to really think about how I was living my life. I love my son so very much. At this point in my life, he was all I had to look forward to every day. Unfortunately I never read Isaiah 11:6.

But, I still was not convinced that the church he went to was the right one for me. I had been to his church, but did not want see, or want to understand. The church he went to put on a play called The Rapture. I later found out from my son that the Rapture was what I was told to be the second coming. The play certainly made an impression on me in many ways. It told in different scenes about people and how they did, or did not live the life that Jesus has taught us to live. It also showed the consequences of both. This put the fear of God in my heart and soul. The part that really got to me showed a small girl that had died and went to heaven and was looking for her mommy. To see and hear that small child crying and looking for her mommy struck my heart. I had visions of my son being in the same position of being in heaven looking for me. I knew that I was headed for a life of loneliness, destruction, and pain if I continued to let the devil have his way with me. I knew then that I had to turn my life over to Jesus.

The following Sunday I went to church with my son. As I sat there in the church, I felt the presence of God. The memory of thinking I would have to spend eternity without my son, and the love of Jesus scared me. Toward the end of the service the Pastor said that the Altar was open for people that wanted to come up and accept God in their heart. I did not say a word as my son looked at me and said, "Do you want to go up there?" Taking his hand I said, "Yes. Will you take me and lead the way for me? I need Jesus in my life, but I'm scared". With my son's hand in mine we walked together to the Altar. The fear that raced throughout me was very real. I was in fear that I would not be worthy of being one of God's children. I had been lead by the devil for so long, I felt there was no hope for salvation for me. I guess I had never read Isaiah 41:10.

With my son's hand on my shoulder praying with me, the grace of God through his son Jesus, touched my heart and soul. The Pastor prayed with me for Jesus to remove all the fear that I had inside. Tears of joy filled my eyes as the Holy Spirit filled my heart and soul with love and forgiveness as only our Heavenly Father can do. I felt a peace and love in my heart and soul that day that I had never felt before. I was humbled before God the Father and accepted his Holy Son Jesus as my savior. I was given a new life of joy, love, and happiness that defies any earthly description. A feeling beyond any description that the devil could ever give. I never want to lose that again. Before going to bed that night I started reading my bible, not sure what I was looking for. I knew there was a reason I was reading that night. I felt that Jesus was going to show me something that night. With in a matter of minutes I read the following scripture: Galatians 2:20.

I ask God through his precious Holy Son Jesus for guidance and forgiveness each and every day. I know that with the help, guidance, and love of the Lord our God I can be ready for The Rapture. The devil will try his best to take this love and personal relationship that I have with Jesus away from me. With the power of Jesus as my savior and redeemer, I can fight the temptations of evils of this world. For His love is stronger than any evil, if you will just let him be your guiding light. I knew how much I loved my son, and what I would do for him. I learned that God the Father loved me the same, even more. If I would do for my son what I would do, what would my Father do for me? Matthew 7:9-11

I use this as only an example of what the Bible can teach you about the love of Jesus. I heard a song the other day, I'm not sure who did it, but it was called BIBLE. It stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Read it, believe it, live it, and accept it as your salvation. You have a lot to lose by living the life of acceptance of Jesus as your guiding light. But they are things you don't need anyway. But, you even have more to gain by it. You could gain the love and forgiveness of our Lord. You will learn by the teachings of Jesus just how much he truly loves us. That's something you do not want to be without. Praise Jesus in His Holy name for being my savior and provider.

You might want to visit Dennis on his web site. Be sure to note the picture of his son ... 2jesus