Skating for Jesus
by: Steph 15

Hi, I'm Stephanie and I go to Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Plano, Texas.

First of all, I was born into a Christian family. I've gone to church all my life, sunday school and learning about Moses and everything God did in the PAST. I never learned in church that you could have a personal relationship with God, at least I don't remember. So, I was a good girl, respected my parents, and loved Jesus. I accepted Him in my heart and got baptized when I was 7 yrs old. I read the Bible every once in awhile, but didn't really understand it. Since the fifth grade and through middle school, I tried smoking several times socially, but never got addicted, could have easily though. Didn't cuss - very rarely. Thats something i never really got into because it made me feel so bad when I did, so I never did much. During this time I didn't have much of a relationship with Jesus and I was slowly drifting to a place where Satan could have easily taken over and lead myself to my own destruction. I was being attacked mightily often in dreams that someone was choking me, and I'd wake up gasping and trying to scream, but couldn't. Horrible.

I decided that I wasn't gonna let Satan gain control over my life and destroy me, but I decided to recommit myself to the Lord and fully live for Him about spring of last year. Of course, I screwed up a couple times, most of us do. But, God's just waiting there to pick you back up on your feet when you do fall. I'm 15 now just finishing 9th grade. I'm on fire for God, I have a great passion to preach someday, and God's been confirming that to me in prophetic dreams and I'm already anointed. And God's revealed to me that He has a huge calling on my life. Pray for me, I'm a horrible public speaker. I'm a pro aggressive inline skater. I've dedicated it all to the Lord, I only skate for God.

I just want everyone to know, if you don't already know, that God has a calling on your life, He's given you spiritual gifts (1 Corinthians 12), and you have a purpose in His Kingdom. And you are not too young either to fulfill His plan. That is a lie from the Devil. You've been chosen by God to do great things for the Kingdom of God! I've sought out what God's called me to do, and He showed me. Seek His face and ask Him - He'll tell you. And read the Word and pray! It's absolutely necessary.

Love in Christ, Steph