I Am Shouting
From: Bishop Gene Colegrove

I have to share this with you all so you can shout with me today.

For the last year every morning when I get up I have been praying, today my body will line up with the Word of God. My pancreas will produce the right amount of insulin to keep me healthy and alive. My blood pressure is 120/60, my blood flows freely throughout my whole body according to the Word of God. My vision is 20/20, my hearing is normal. I thank God that I am the head and not the tail, I thank God that I am above and not beneath. Greater is He that lives in me then he that lives in the world. I "CAN DO ALL THINGS" through Christ Jesus who gives me strength. I choose life that myself and my family will live. No sickness will enter this body for it is the temple of the living God. Amen

This morning I had to go see my Dr. for the blood work I had done this last Saturday. I went in the room and waited for him to come to me and as I sat there I began to thank the Lord for all He has done for me in the past, for what He's doing for me now and for what He is about to do.

The Dr. came in and gave me this report, Gene we are going to change a few things with your diabetes. I want you to go home and THROW AWAY your insulin, I'm changing it to a different kind and only take 1/2 dose. Ok, if this keeps up we are going to take you completely off of insulin, and also I want you to cut your bed time insulin back from 50 units to 30 ... listen I'm setting there thinking, WHEN CAN I SHOUT, I believe I did hear a PRAISE GOD come from my lips. He said your count has been so good that we feel it's time to change things.

I'm waiting for my wife Leah and daughter Amanda to get home so they can watch me do what we have been praying for, for the last year. I AM SHOUTING.

Those who were with me over in Guatemala a couple of years ago know how things got and I know that they were praying for a miracle to happen, Well, you got your prayer answered and you can SHOUT WITH ME.


Let us all SHOUT with Gene ... 2jesus