"I have searched my whole life"
From Ricardo Mordaur

I have searched my whole life for it and many times thought I had found it.

But I never had it, for it was short lived. Now I have crossed an ocean and I have found the Lord Jesus Christ and happiness. The happiness I know now is everlasting and unconditional.

Yes sometimes I may feel down, but all I have to do is kneel down and pray or I go to church and just sit there in silence and I start to feel this smile coming on and I feel so happy and its amazing. I truly have never known such happiness and joy. I thank the Lord everyday for being a part of my life and loving me.

The Lord truly loves us and will never turn you away if you ask him for help. He only wants the best for us and I believe he only gives us the best. So! if you are going to ask him for a Porsche I doubt he'll give you that becuase he knows its not good for you, besides it belongs to this world and with this world shall it stay.

If my testimony should be put up I pray that it will help save someone. For the Lord Jesus Christ loves you and wants you to live with him eternally.

May God bless you.

He was lost but now he is found ... 2jesus.