Got Saved in 1998
From Almir

Thank you from Almir
this is almir from switzerland (europe) :)

I was at rhema winter bible seminar and some people asked me about how I got saved.
as I have told them, that I printed the salvation prayer on your homepage, they said why don't you tell them ...

well I'm late but I think I should have done this before :)))))
first of all thank you very much for building this page. as I was seeking God 4 years ago it had a great impact on my life. To make the long story short I'm going to write down some catchwords ... :

grew up in switzerland, my parents were muslims but didn't raise me strict got confronted in religion classes with the man on the cross when I was 18, had an accident and my lounge collapsed, it had a whole suddenly back then I experienced one of those life/death moments, saw little ugly creatures on one side and a light on the other side ...

the little creatures told me it's over and out of the light came love and like warm honey would run over myself and something that said open your eyes I then crawled to my father and they brought me to the hospital. 2 operations because of that and then after 3 months I became epilaptical that was horrible to me, I didn't know why to live any more and got tired cried out to God and he spoke to me. started to seek good for two years, reading all the books about new age and buddha finally a postman came to me and shared jesus, but that was at work so everytime he came my boss would be there and he always said be careful. the postman brought a bible and after a few conversations I felt ashamed, told him to not talk about it anymore ... but I took the bible so again I started to search ... this time on the internet then I have found your webpage.

after a few visitations and reading in the bible and an other book I went to your page and suddenly knew that Jesus is alive at this time I knew this day is the day I'm gonna give my life to Jesus. I printed out your salvation prayer and did it at home ... and YES ... I got saved :) YES :)

2 or 3 weeks later I printed out the praying in tongues prayer and got spiritfilled too.

Well ... keep that page up. A lot of people will get saved through the internet and also through your webpage.

May God keep you blessing all the time, as He is willing to do because He loves you.

With love in Christ
Almir Abdulovski

Thank you Jesus for saving Almir ... 2jesus