1 Samuel 1:27
From Crystal, Street

About a year ago I put in prayer request for me to have a healthy and happy baby. I had wanted a baby for many years. I finally got pregnant so I told my husband I wanted to raise our child in church, so we started going. Before I was 12 weeks I had a miscarriage. That was a horrible experience. I felt as if I had died too. But a few weeks later god saved me and my husband. I had read a testimony on 2Jesus about this woman who promised to put God first in her life and she had a baby. So I promised to put God first in my life and if I ever had a baby I would testify and praise His Holly name. Well I read 1 Samuel 1:27 over and over and I prayed and prayed and now I have a beautiful, happy and healthy baby girl. I just thank God so much for this blessing and I thank you for praying for me. Since there is no way I could ever repay God for my daughter I felt it was only right to name her after the woman who said 1 Samual 1:27 ... Hannah ... and just like here I dedicated Hannah back to the Lord exactly one year after my husband and I were saved.

Thank you Jesus, I love you ...

All of God's blessings on little Hannah ... 2jesus