by: Jim & Cheli Cox

My wife and I were saved 6 years ago but did not fully surrender to Christ. Then backslid into the depths of alcohol, money, tobacco, depraved sex, etc. Our live got worse and my middle son said one day, "It's cool my dad drinks whiskey and smokes cigars". My spirit inside cried. Money started running out. We read the book by Mary Baxter, "A Divine Revelation of Hell". My spirit cried out and I knew that God was the true answer to our longing. We both gave our live back to Jesus. This time we surrendered all, completely. Jesus broke the chains on us immediately and completely. What a miricle. To go from drinking two fifths of whiskey a week, a twelve pack or more of beer and smoking for 5 years to clean and smoke free in one day with no craving or desires Hallaluya!!!!!! God has revealed to me that we must live in the fullness of his will, being saved is the tip of the iceburg he has so much more if we do his will, read, pray, seek him and surrender (die) each day. I know why I've been running so hard. I feel God has been calling me to the ministry. I am now ready to do anything he wants, go where he commands, trusting in him completely. Satan has us on his "most wanted list", but God is faithful and if we keep our eyes on him he will deliver us. I know all of this is true and wish I had seen it before. Keep up the good work. God truley loves us and is so worthy of all honor, glory, praise and worship. May God keep pouring his mighty spirit on the world. God bless you.