The Promise Keeper
From Sheila N, Malaysia

Our nine year old daughter Shannon was admitted due to high fever, vomiting and chest pain. It was our second night at the hospital. About 12.00 midnight, her temperature started rising and medication seemed to have no effect on her. I run to the nurses' desk and asked them to turn off the air-condition in her room as she started to shiver intolerably. I rushed back to her room and there she was pleading to me for help. I could never forget those pleas "help me mummy, help me". At a glimpse of a moment I thought to myself "Oh God, am I going to lose my girl?".

As fear started to grip me, every promises of God in her life turned dim before me. At that point only one thing came to my mind "the awesome power of God". I could not wait, no, not for a moment to see God's awesome power at work in her life. I cried out to God as I laid my hands on her; "God, I want to see the demonstration of your awesome power right NOW!". As I finished my prayer, tears were held back just to make one phone call to my husband. But as I reached for the phone and the moment I heard his voice, I broke down in tears. All I could say was "she is shivering appallingly". My husband knew from my tone it was serious and left home immediately to join me at the hospital.

As I hung up the phone and turned my head towards my daughter, there she was, laying so still without a slightest shiver on her body. As I touched her, in a firm strong voice she said "mummy, it's ok, I'm feeling better now". I cried as I heard those words and again she said in a firmer tone, "mummy, it's ok, I'm feeling better now". I could not believe what I was looking at. Within moments, there was this child laying down so peacefully. I knew it was the touch of God and His promise over her life was kept!

Next day, a sister called and shared what she saw as she was praying for her. She saw angels, many angels surrounding her. I was reminded of God's promise in her life before she was even conceived. HIS Promise to charge HIS angels to watch over her. Though I have not shared this with anyone accept my husband, God in His faithfulness reminded me that He is a promise keeper!

Bless you God!

Jesus is a The Promise Keeper ... 2jesus