From Marty

Hello. My name is Marty and I was saved on October 17, 1988. At the time I was working for a highly rated Top 40 Radio Station in the midwest. Getting "saved" was nowhere in my immediate or future plans.

One day after my shift I was flipping through the different radio stations. A Public Service Announcement (PSA) was being read and mentioned the words "White Heart". When I heard those words I stopped to listen. Five years earlier as a Junior in High School a friend of mine who was a believer gave me a tape called "Vital Signs" by a group called "White Heart". The PSA said this group would be in concert at a local venue the next night.

Not being a "fan" of this band I was only mildly interested in going but there was one song that I listened to over and over by that band and if nothing else I wanted to hear them sing that song. When I got home I talked my wife into going to see them.

The next night we got to the venue around 6:30 for the 7:00 concert. The concert was on a "Love offering" basis which meant there were no tickets and a donation would be taken at some point. When we got up to the door, the usher said he was sorry but because of fire codes there would be nobody else allowed into the venue which sat around 700 or so.

Okay, so it was raining, I had convinced my wife to check this thing out and I was a local "celebrity" ... We were going to see that concert! All the others who had been turned away left when I approached the usher and explained my situation to which he replied "it is nice to meet you, sorry there is nothing I can do" I persisted to no avail finally giving up I headed back to my car. Starting the car I was surprised when the usher came up to the car and knocked on the window. The guy was smiling from ear to ear and said "You can come in, a little boy got sick so he and his mother are leaving. We saved those seats for you two".

As the usher led us to our seats I realized we were going to be sitting in the third row right in front of the stage which was only going to be about another three feet higher than that. We settled into our seats and sat there for the next hour and 25 minutes plus intermission till the concert came to a close without hearing the only song I wanted to. The band gave an invitation to accept Jesus as Savior. Nobody went forward. They prayed and dismissed the crowd.

My wife and I had made it to the end of our row when the lead singer announced they would like to sing one more song, a song they had not done for maybe two years ... quickly the crowd took to their seats. As soon as the first note was hit, I knew the song and there was nothing I could do to stop the tears from flowing down my face. At the end of that song, the band gave another invitation to accept Jesus which my wife and I were the only two to accept.

Since that time I have counted on Jesus to save me from myself many times. Thankfully he never gives up on us even when we give up on him. Because of his goodness and his blessings in my life, he has allowed me the privilege to use my talents in Christian Radio and Record Labels. Despite many personal failures, I am victorious and I CLING to him to finish the work he began.

Just like the Texas Rangers. Jesus never fails to get His man ... 2jesus.