Priyanka's Miraculous Healing
From: Jeanette da Costa

We bear witness and Glorify the name of Jesus our Lord and Saviour, for completely healing our daughter Priyanka and blessing her with a new life, from Hepatic Encephalopathy along with Multiple Organ Failure. Hepatic encephalopathy is brain and nervous system damage that occurs as a complication of liver disorders. It is characterized by various neurologic symptoms including changes in reflexes, changes in consciousness, and behavior changes that can range from mild to severe.

My husband and I live in Kuwait with our 3 children - Priyanka aged 7, Roshni aged 5 and Rohit aged 4. We are Roman Catholics by faith. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God but up till now had not really accepted him as my personal Saviour. I wish to share with you my testimony of the Divine Mercy of Jesus.

Priyanka's illness started on 25/ 26th March '05, with upper respiratory tract infection and mild fever. However, despite being on antibiotics and paracetamol, the fever continued rising and she also started vomiting. She was hospitalized on 30th March '05 as she was dehydrated and her fever would not subside. Her condition worsened that same night and she became drowsy on 31st March '05 morning. On seeing her condition, the doctor on duty carried out a battery of tests and she was diagnosed with Hepatic Encephalopathy and was immediately rushed to the Al-Sabah PICU, at which time she was in coma stage 2-3.

That same evening as her condition deteriorated, she was put on a ventilator and covered with antibiotics. Her liver was degenerating rapidly and she went into hepatic (liver) failure.

We surrendered Priyanka to Jesus and fervently prayed to him to heal her and purify her in his precious blood. On my knees I started praying from the book "Lord Teach Us to Pray", begging the Lord to save our daughter's life.

Next morning, along with our friends and relatives, we sought intercessory prayers from various prayer groups in Kuwait, Sr. Mareena's Intercessory Prayer Group - Divine Retreat Centre Kerala, India & other countries as well as the Holy Family Cathedral, Kuwait. A chain of prayers was set up for her by everyone irrespective of their religion or creed.

During this time I could find solace only in prayers and I kept praying constantly to the Infant Jesus, Divine Mercy of Jesus, Mother Mary, St. Anthony, Pope John Paul, who was also gravely sick at that time.

By 1st April '05, Priyanka had renal (kidney) failure. She began to have internal bleeding, her BP was extremely low and urination stopped, resulting in edema. Also since her blood was not clotting, even dialysis could not be carried. On 2nd April '05, the doctors informed us that despite being on maximum dosage of drugs to support her failing organs, her condition was still deteriorating and there was nothing more they could do for her but that only God could save her.

On 3rd April when I entered the Holy Family Church, I turned around and my gaze fell upon the life size picture of the Divine Mercy of Jesus and I felt a feeling of peace and hope envelop me. I kept Priyanka's picture at the foot of Jesus and prayed to Jesus to save my daughter.

The Almighty and Merciful God intervened to do what was impossible with men and at that time, (In His Time) Priyanka's blood started clotting and the doctors were able to commence Hemodialysis, which was carried out from 4th to 13th April to detoxify her blood. We were all overjoyed and began praising and thanking God.

My husband and I were allowed only a few minutes in the morning and in the evening to see our daughter in the ICU. Though Priyanka was not conscious of my presence, I hoped that deep within the recesses of her mind she could hear me and I would keep talking to her, telling her how much Jesus and we loved her and that she would be well soon and come home to us. I would say aloud Psalm 91 and also various other prayers.

A friend of mine encouraged me by saying that God had already started the work of saving her and true enough as I was going through the Bible, I came across Psalm 138 which promised the same.

God in his infinite mercy and faithfulness answered our prayers when on 10th April '05, Priyanka showed slight movements in her legs and eyes. Our hopes were lifted when on 11th April '05, CT Scan for Brain and Echo Test for Heart was conducted and the same showed normal results.

On the evening of 13th April '05, on entering Priyanka's room, I just looked at her for sometime and then softly called out her name. All of a sudden, she opened her eyes and looked directly at me. I was dumbstruck at the awesome wonder at looking at my child. Tears of joy welled in my eyes and I kept repeating her name. Silent tears started flowing from Priyanka's eyes. I immediately asked the porter to get my husband who was in the waiting room. My husband, on seeing Priyanka was ecstatic and we both spoke to her and told her that everything would be fine and that she should rest. She tried to talk but could not due to the ventilator but only managed a slight smile. God is so wonderful and amazing!

On 15th April '05, since she was improving, all life support equipment was discontinued. The doctor asked her name and she replied - she had finally spoken after 15 days.

The doctors subsequently informed us that medically she had had only 10% survival chances, along with possible damage to her organs.

All the doctors and medical staff were amazed that Priyanka was completely healed! Even though she was so critical and nearing death when medical science had failed at offering any further help to save her life, they acknowledged the fact that it was the work of God's hand who breathed back life and rejuvenated health into our precious child.

On 23rd April '05, she was shifted to the general ward and finally discharged to go home on 30th April '05.

Since then, she has not taken any medication - she talks, walks and carries out her daily activities. She commenced school in September and attained grade A in the II Term. No medicine or ointment healed Priyanka, but the word of God did.

In our affliction and tribulation, Jesus taught us to totally surrender & pray to him and proved that In God, the impossible is possible. We thank you Jesus, We praise you Jesus. Thank you Mother Mary & all the Angels & Saints for your intercession. Thank you Pope John. God Bless the Doctors, Nurses, Support Staff & Intercessory Prayer Groups, whom Jesus used as a medium to Glorify God in healing Priyanka.

Matt 7:7-8
7 "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.
8 For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.

Thank you Jesus ... Ferd@2jesus