A Prayer For My Mother
From Jessy

Dear brother Ferd,

I thank you very much for your prompt reply.

Thanks for the prayers for mother.

This morning my mother was in terrible pain and was crying. I read your mail and said the prayers that you sent me and I must say my mother's food intake was good today, she was full of energy and active all day. She did not complain of any pain later. I Thank and praise God for it.

Brother Fred, I also thank you for the Bible verses, testimony and details about faith. Yes, I did learn a lot about faith. Yes, henceforth I will pray with full faith.

Brother Ferd, I want to be a very good Christian. Yes, I do believe and get scared of God. But, to be honest I never read the Bible, I would like to start with it. We use to say our family rosary, even that is not done now. I would also like to fast at least once a week. Yes, I want to come closer to God and love him even more. But, I do say my prayers.

I am so glad at least I have found someone with whom I can seek help and share my problems and be prayed for.

I should also mention that my mother is having her physiotherapy done and she is improving a lot. Praise God for it.

I am confident very soon she will be fine.


Take care and God Bless,


Jessy, is learning to walk in the word. Thank you Jesus ... 2jesus

Heard from Jessy today (June 28, 2005). Her mother is perfectly healed. Thank you Jesus.