The Power of Our Lord God
From Ray Dresser

Hi Ferd,
Nobody can mistake the Power of Our Lord God!

Over a year ago I was told that I had cancer and would need treatment for it. Then about six months ago I was told it was Terminal ... Incurable ... and that the Holidays coming up would be my last.

Then through a friend of mine, Ferd was told about my problem and called me out of a clear blue sky. We talked for the longest time and yet I had never met the man or ever talked or heard about him before that miracle night.

Ferd asked me if he could pray for my healing, and after talking with him for a while I knew that was what I wanted also. After we prayed, Ferd said, if I truly believed then God has healed me.

I am here to tell you I truly believe in the Power of Our Lord God ... and yes I am healed.

I went to the Doctors and they informed me I had no sign of Cancer in any of the tests they performed.

We must never give up or stop believing in the Power of our God and his Son, Jesus Christ.

Ray Dresser

Praise God for Jesus! And thank you Jesus, for always being on call ... 2jesus