Power of Prayer
From Just Plain Joe

First, I would like to thank Jesus for the good fortune he has brought to me and my wife. I retired and moved to Florida from the Chicago area, with only a few personal effects and very little money. We found a duplex to rent that was nice and I got a p/t job to supplement my social security, my wife found a job doing what she was doing up north and she gets social security too.

All this was in a time frame of 3 months and there was a lot of doubts going around in my head and then I found 2jesus and found the power of prayer. I prayed everyday, every night I asked and it was given, little by little our lives were beginning to change for the better and now there is a good chance that we might get our own house and this is a miracle too, because when we left Chicago, we were in bankruptcy.

We came to Florida for a new start. Almost 2 years now in Florida and we are doing just great, but it was all in the power of prayer, I know without Jesus all this would not be possible.

Praying is a part of my life now and I also pray for the power of healing, I know first hand about this, because I was healed in my knee. I lost the cartilage in my knee and the doctor said an operation was needed to regain control of my knee. I prayed to Jesus and I took some herbal supplements and 2 months later my knee was and still is as good as new. So that's my story, longer than I had planned to write , so put me on your prayer list to say THANK YOU JESUS for coming into my life and showing me the power of prayer.

Just Plain Joe

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