Miracle in Patimedapalem
By: Kantgannam From: Pastor Ranjit, India

My name is KANTHAMMA age 48 years, my husband died in an accident. I am living with my elder son, he is doing work in the harvest. From one year onwards my leg was very much hurting me. I can't sit and walk well, due to that I can't work well.

I went to hospital and check up about it, the doctor told me due to heavy weight the leg bones were damaged, so I need a surgery, really I afraid, because it's cost is very high. We can't pay such amount. My son daily get few money to serve our family, so I can't do that. I am feeling very bad with the leg.

On 12th Pastor Ranjit came to my village and told about Jesus miracles in the bible. Really that word attracted me. I went and told to Brother Ranjit about my problem. He gave a book "A GUIDE TO DIVINE HEALING". (From 2jesus) and suggested me to read that book because God wants to heal me. So I do like he said, and then he poured the oil upon my leg and just touch and pray for that leg.

I feel great relief, from that my pain is going slowly, within three days I got full healing. Now I can walk in the name of Jesus. Praise God, Jesus you are so faithful.

Yes, Jesus is faithful ... 2jesus