My Parents Prayed for Me
From Ferd Sebastian

I was raised a Christian, but started to depart in my teens. Then I went into the service in the Korean war. When I returned I had all but forgotten Jesus. I then left my home in Houston and went into the film business in Los Angeles. There I did everything worldly that was there to do. Some things I would not do as it made me feel bad but all and all I was really worldly.

This went on until I was 55. Then I had a heart attack and was put in the hospital. I had by pass surgery. When I got out I did everything I could to eat right and exercise. I did not want this again. Nine months later, my heart gave way again. I went to the doctor and he said that this time there was really nothing that could be done to regain my health. They would try an operation but if it was a success it would leave me unable to work or do anything but sit very still the rest on my life.

He wanted to give me that operation quickly before I died. I told him I would have to think about it and left. On the way back to the film studio a voice came to me as clear as day. It said, "Jesus was the answer." I then remembered that my dad told me that Jesus answered prayer. (So you see that what you taught them comes back to them.) When I got to the studio I asked my wife and older son who worked with us to go outside and pray with me. This was a first ...

My son held me and my wife held my hand. I said the simplest of prayers. "Dear Jesus please heal me." I felt a snap in my chest and I knew that I had been healed. I did not call the doctor back. But he called me and told me to get in for the operation. I said that I did not have to have it. Jesus had healed me. He started to laugh. He thought that was funny and for me to get in there before I die. I told him I would come in so he could check me but I was healed.

I went back to the doctor and he ran all of the test that he had run before to see how my heart was. Although he said it was for nothing as he knew how my heart was. Well he just thought he knew. My test came out perfect. I had perfect circulation. Thank you Jesus! He said that he still could not believe that Jesus did that but something had happened to me as I was healed. I told him that I knew what had happened. Jesus healed me.

I then started thanking God everyday for my healing. I also started reading about Jesus and how he healed. I thought that if I knew how He did it, then I could show others and they also could be healed. So that is what I did. He showed me and since then many have been healed.

Everything that I ask for came so fast. I would need an answer to a question and God would answer so fast. My life was just wonderful that is the only way to explain it. I had made so many mistakes in my life and now God was in control and leading me in a wonderful life serving Him.

So I ask Him. Why me? And instantly He filled my head with a vision. I saw my life going by from childhood. I saw myself as a baby and my parents were praying for me. I was a teenager and my parents were praying for me. I was in the service and they were praying for me. I was in California and they were praying for me. Then my father died and I saw him in heaven with Jesus and he was talking to Jesus about me. So it was so clear. My parents always kept me before God even though I was living in sin.

So when I was going down in defeat. When my life was all but over. Jesus sent an Angel to me and he said, "Jesus was the answer." So I cried out to Jesus and He reached down and took me out of Satan's grasp and said, "This one is mine!!!"

Do not ever give up on your prayers for your children. They might not be answered in the time that you would wish. But even if you have to finish the job in Heaven. Jesus will be there to help you with your children. Thank you Jesus.

Father, thank you for my parents, Ferd ... 2jesus