He Is Always On Time
From Cowboy Tom Burk

In 1976; I was given 7 years to live with TB and emphysema! I was in Mobile, al. at the time! I had 3 children and a wife! My left lung was useless and the right one was getting close to 25% capacity only! Many people were praying for me! I was smoking 4 packs a day. I had no way of quitting. Near the end of 1983 (my seventh yr.) I went to sleep on my back on the couch. I should have drowned in my fluids within 3 hours! I fell asleep at 11PM, and awoke at six AM. I didn't want a cigarette from that moment to this,(aug 27th/2008.) glory to God! When I awoke the Holy Spirit said; go mow you're grass! He wanted to show me something! I seen my cigarettes, but didn't want any! I went out and tried to start the mower, it wouldn't start! I started to kick it (like a real man,ha) then I heard the Holy Spirit say; why don't you let me do that? I responded; it is yours as is everything else! I reach for the cord; pulled and it started! ( what did you expect! Ha.) I could mow only one round and rest before! All of a sudden I realized there was no grass left to mow! I went in too my house. I told the woman to look at me, I can breathe; she said; of course you can; dummy! I said; I can't see it with my eyes but I believe I am healed. I went to the doctor 48 hours later. They took x rays and there in the old one it looked like two tornados. The new ones were as clear and clean as a new born healthy baby! HOW EXCITING IS THAT! i went from 134 lbs to 180 in one yr. thank you my savior. Some years later; I was attacked by copd and you can read about that healing also.

Jesus is Lord!
Tom (cowboy) Burks

Psalms 73:26

My flesh and my heart faileth:
But GOD is the strength of my
Heart and my portion forever ...

Jesus is never late ... 2jesus