A Note from Will
From Will Bane

Hi Ferd

I just wanted to tell you how I feel about My Lord Jesus. I feel so blessed and am blessed because He has been answering my prayers and I know He lives and is my best friend.

I had a spur in my heal and it was getting very painful so I asked Jesus to heal me and thank the Lord I have no pain now.

I have been learning how to ask Jesus for what I want, I was afraid to ask Hin for any big thing because I didn't think He would give me such a large request. Not any more, they were big for me but not for my Jesus.

I know you are about the Lords business because of all the healing He has done for you but also because of the mansion He is building for you in glory.

It really is such a great feeling not to have to worry about things or how tomorrow is going to turn out, it is such a relief to know no matter what it brings it will be alright.

Thank you Ferd, for being the man God wanted you to be in His service.

Will Bane

The feeling is mutual. I think Will is the kind of man God wanted him to be also ... Ferd@2jesus