God (Not Allah) Answered My Prayer
From Orianna D. Cheah

Hi. I just surfed on your web site and would like to share my testimony about my life prior to giving my whole heart and mind to Jesus Christ, my Saviour and Lord. Alleluia. I am 26 years old, formerly a Muslim since birth. I was taught in the Islam faith about "Allah" and the teachings of Prophet Mohammed. My parents and siblings are still in that faith. However, I met my husband and he shared with me about the Jesus Christ (in the Word of God - the Bible) - I have Christian friends back in Indonesia but I never read the bible because it is "taboo" in my religion. Arriving in Singapore, a developed land where I can see so much of God's blessings upon it, I heard the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ in my husband's church and one Sunday in December last year, I publicly came forward to express my desire to have Jesus come into my life and let Him be the Saviour, the Deliverer of my being. Since that day of my public proclamation and proceeding my water baptism, I read the bible (KJV) by the power of the Holy Spirit to know God's path/will for me as I live for Jesus each day of my life. My husband and I experienced the Lord's peace within our hearts and God answered my prayers when I lifted all my burdens and desires to Jesus in the righteousness of His risen power. Miracles abound and the Lord has been so good to me in all my needs. My husband and I are praying for the salvation of my Muslim parents and siblings. I know the Lord will save them all because I know the Word of God says, "Nothing is impossible" with God. I am so thrill to share with you that as we know God loves us unconditionally and His Word is His instructions for us to receive His blessings, life in Christ is NOT a religious practice but it is faith-walk that trust whatever God says in His Word. He will act upon all His promises and He never loses a battle because Jesus death and resurrection defeated Satan and his cohorts. Alleluia. Jesus took back the authority Satan stole from Adam and Eve and now our Lord Jesus gives it back to all who comes to Him and receive Him as Saviour and Lord. The Word of God is so powerful as it is ... even young believers like myself will not deny the Truth and the Grace which gives us God's blessings. The "Allah" I worshipped in my previous faith is just a "religion" of the Arabs - from Ishmael to Mohammed (630AD) that does not tell me about the nature of God and His love. Today I live in the grace of God through Jesus Christ that through Jesus Christ, I can come before my heavenly Father and worship Him with my praises and adoration because God cares for me (1 Peters 5:7) in all of my life. How wonderful it is to be loved by God, our heavenly Father Who cherishes us by sending Jesus Christ into the world and paying off the penalty of our sins and through Him we have salvation, not of our own good works or religion or philosophy but by faith. (John 3:16) Praise the Lord. Thank You, Jesus ... Orianna