In The Name Of Jesus!
Hal Weeks

My name is Hal Weeks. I discovered I had cancer when I was fifty-eight years old. The prognosis was a thirty-five percent chance of survival for five years. But God had other plans. I am now eighty-nine. This is the story of this miracle which occurred without any medical intervention.

Although It was treated with cobalt for a period of twenty-one days, as it turned out, it did not heal me. As time went on I discovered several nodes in my neck and under my right armpit that seemed to be growing. In August, 1977, at the age of sixty-four, a large node was removed from my right armpit. It was diagnosed as a poorly differentiated nodular lymphoma. I was then referred to an oncologist for treatment. However, he agreed to defer any treatment on the basis of my belief that I had been divinely healed.

I was scheduled to return in three months. When I returned, he could find no evidence of the cancer. He said, "If I were examining you for the first time, I would have diagnosed you as not having the disease." I continued having periodic checkups until August, 1982, at age 69, at which time he transferred me back to my family doctor. Then in 1995 I discovered two large lumps over the right collarbone. It was determined to be lymphoma that had apparently returned. I did not have a biopsy since I did not plan to have medical intervention and the surgeon said there would therefore be no point in it.

Again, I turned it over to the Lord. After six months during which time the tumors increased in size and number, I began to have second thoughts about medical treatment. As clear as I have ever heard the Lord speak, He said "I thought you had turned it over to me." I repented of my concerns and again trusted God for a healing. It stopped getting worse for two months, at which time the Lord said it would be gone in three months and it was. Since then I have had many other conditions healed, again without medical intervention. There has been no further reoccurrence of the cancer.

Praise God, Jesus is the healer!
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