Nailed to The Cross
Mandy Conner

Hi! My name is Mandy Conner. I sent you a prayer request for forgiveness, anxiety and depression a little while ago. Well, praise the lord, I have been set free from them all. To be perfectly honest, the forgiveness is a daily surrendering to the Lord, because the enemy will sometimes remind me of the things that one particular person has done to myself and my family, and I begin to feel angry. But right away, I give it to the Lord, because he immediately reminds me of how ALL my sins are nailed to the cross, never to be remembered again, and THAT makes the hurt that I have experienced seem totally trivial in comparison.

My relationship with Jesus is going from strength to strength, as I live each day for him. Don't misunderstand me, I make MANY mistakes along the way, but I don't feel the tremendous guilt I used to feel, because I know that, as long as I confess to him, I am set free from all condemnation.

Even as I type this, I feel like my heart is going to explode with the joy of the Lord, because of the reality of what I'm experiencing in my life, and it all began to change the day I sent in that prayer request, and so I say a very big thank you for the marvellous work you are doing on this web site. May the Lord bless your life incredibly.

Love Mandy.

Thank you Jesus for always fulfilling your promises ... 2jesus