Mud House
From David Anaekwe

This letter is from a missionary friend of mine in Africa. I told David about the Hurricanes we were having in Florida and how God had kept a hand on my house, no one was hurt and the property was not damaged. Here is his letter back to me. Ferd

Dearly Beloved,

Thank you for that wonderful and loving prayer. It has been a great blessing indeed and I surly know that Daddy has answered. I am expecting the fullness of the manifestation. May God continue to keep you and use you in greater ways for His work as we await His coming in Jesus name; Amen.

I will try to pay a visit at your wife's site. Sure, she is doing some important work too for those little creatures of God.

As for the hurricane, I have no fears at all. I have seen this God do such great wonders that I have learnt that it is not by accident that He keeps and preserves His own people. Let me share this little testimony with you. Some time before the rainy season of this year, a sister in this little village of Ido were I work came to me. She was distressed. She has a family with a born again Christian Husband too. They were being ejected from their present house and had no place to go to. They borrowed some little money, I think about 70 000 naira (about $450) from a co-operative firm and began building a mud house. In between, they got halted because of finances. The the rains were threatening to come with great winds and she ran to me for help in fear.

Unfortunately, the amount of money that they still needed about $600 was not near what I could afford with my present income. Not knowing what to do, I told her what I knew, "That God would sustain that house and keep it rain or no rain, wind or no wind, or He would hold the rain, till He sends money for the completion of it."

Then we prayed. Few days after this came very terrible and terrific rain, brought down electric poles, communication masts, house roofs and cleared trees around the house, but the mud unroofed house stood untouched. That night was too terrific that I too started praying and talking to God to remember to keep what we committed to Him. In the morning the sister ran to me in fear and doubt if the house could have survived the storm; but when she go there, she saw wonders as the house was still in place. Men marveled. Then within the next few days came other two terrific storms and rain. Destroyed lots, but God kept an unroofed mud house. Then I had a voice within me say "Just to let you know that I keep is not by accident but by my nature, that is why I have allowed those storms, for you to see my works" Then God miraculously provided for her. Today, the mud house is almost completed and they are already living in it. So as He put a demarcation between the land of Goshen and the rest of Egypt, so He has always been. He has never changed and would not change in your case. So God shall put a difference in all that pertains to you and in all that you are involved in IN JESUS NAME. MY BIBLE says, you stall serve the LORD YOUR GOD and HE SHALL BLESS. So it is that simple that He that has no shadow of turning shall keep you and all that you have.

It is well with you brother. I need to be stop here as I travel a long way (about 45 mins to 1 hr) from my village of work to visit the nearest cyber cafe where I can send mails. That is one of the reasons why I have not been so regular in my communication with you.

The Lord be with you
My regards and Christian Love to your wife
Bless you

David is about 28, so young to be so old in the Lord. I am proud that he is my Brother ... Ferd@2jesus