More Testimonies
From David Anaekwe, a Missionary in Africa

In many things, He keeps us and we know it not
Yea! From a thousand woos, dangers and moreover of trouble
He preserves us and yet we perceive it not
If we were to know the thousand dangers and troubles that betide us daily
And the marvelous ways in which He preserves us
Our mouths shall be forever filled with praise
And our hearts with gratitude for His unfailing mercies

At times, in a few ways, he opens our eyes to behold
And allows us to understand the thousand battles that go un fought by us
And the thousand times we have taken the spoil without shooting an arrow
So we may understand why we are called "More than conquerors"
And know that the battle is truly the Lords and not ours
Then our lives would really be seen as His and not ours
For He has spared us as a man spares His owns son that serves Him

For we are worth His Jewels if truly we love Him
Yes, our lives are precious in His sight
And not only while we live
But also in death, He said that our death (His saints) is precious in His sight
For we are worth the apply of His eyes
Heirs of His kingdom
For if He gave His son, He can give us all

Such is my case
That the precious Lord has been keeping me
Daily from all the attacks of the enemy
In My little village of Ido
Where He has placed me for now
I have lacked none of His goodness
Nor missed any of His mercies

Therein, I stay in a little refurbished self-contained 1-bedroom flat
Owned obviously by the hospital for which I work
Looks like an ancient house of the expatriates or missionaries
That resided in the village in the days of the colonial masters
Just typical of those houses seen on the ivory shores of the old city, Switzerland.
Packed in into the house on the 14th of July
And obviously been residing there under His grace and protection

Surrounded by no much living houses expect by a twain of the same quarters
And then bushes all around, I envisaged no danger at all
And though there be, I will fear no evil in the shadows of darkness
For he that keeps Israel, neither sleep nor slumber
And I know that He is my shepherd
For who has really had such an unfailing shepherd
And dares to fear anything, nor dread any harm.

It was not long after I had time to tidy the house with my twain brother so called
That I saw the skin of a might snake just beside the fridge in the kitchen
And I called this twain who I refer to as Big Pastor
And he doubted the possibility of such a big presence in the house
And imagined that the skin could have come in by any other means other than the snake
Later, remembering a possible time he left the door open for hours
He concluded that if it ever did, it should have gone out

He, feeling reluctant to search the house,
I did so a little shabbily and believed the word of my Big pastor
Life continued until recently, after several months
When I saw the skin of a big snake again, this time around in the store
Showing it to him, he doubted that those skins may not have been owned by snakes
And demanded that third personality confirm for us
But I knew too well that I know what it is

Then in conclusion, I said unto him
I know that there is or are snakes in this house living with us
But we have been under Divine cover
And I would let searching the house since you are not keen
Because I believe that they shall do no harm in His holy mount
And we laughed over it with that scripture
And every one went his way

I guess very well the same day of this talk
Or few days thereafter, on the 8th of November, 2004
My big pastor traveled and I alone was home
And there was no light as the hospital generator was down
And I came in from Bible study about 9pm
Walking into the house in the darkness with half a bag of rice
I was prompted to go for the light before I proceed to drop what I was carrying

Obeying the prompt and putting on the light to continue to the store/kitchen
There was a snake right in front of me in the next one step of my foot
Amazed at the sight, I thought of a million things to do within the fleet of a second
Meanwhile, the snake turned to make its way into my store
With no other alternative, I headed for it at close range with a shoe
Though I hit my hand against a wall on the vehement attack as the shoe was small
But I made an end of it

As that was not all
My big pastor came back the next day and I told him the story
In his amazement, I reminded him of my words a few hours ago
While we wondered and praised God
He went to same spot to sharpen a knife and a mighty scorpion headed for his hand
But the Lord opened his eyes and he saw something coming, held it with a shoe
Then called for me and we opened to kill and lo it was a scorpion

Then I wondered that these have been here and the Lord has been gracious and merciful
Well, nothing to do but to continue to live under his protection
I imagined, "So what if I had not seen it or he had not seen the scorpion
So we would have been hurt"
But heaven said, "That is far from the truth
For our God keeps from the fire and in the fire; Yea, from the waters and in the waters
And that is why is He is God for He alone has no limitations"

And the stage was set for a proof of His word
For they shall take up snakes and scorpions
And If thy drink any deadly thing, it shall do them no hurt
God saying, that I do not keep by coin incidences
But by my Holy word which cannot be broken nor altered
For you have my promise and though you take up snakes and scorpions
They shall do you no harm

Then came the Friday of the same week November 12, 2004
As I was coming from His presence after about two hour long prayer
I decided to polish my shoes while discussing a few things with my big pastor
Before I go back to my Bible as we where planning to make a little Journey
Then I put my hands in the very long modernized Mongo Park looking shoe of mine
(Those of you who know me too well, would know that strange unique looking shoe)
As I finished with the first piece, I put my hand in the second
And there, I felt some strange coldness, wondering where water entered the shoe from
But this coldness was far from being abated as I expected the warm hand should have it

Then I thought that the stockings must have been too damp to be worn
As the coldness was not getting warm with time from my hand
Then I thought my Big pastor who was washing should help me wash the stockings
And as I brought out my hand form the shoe
There was a monstrous beast, black just as the earlier lying within and crawling
Cold shivers came on my body as I looked at my unhurt hand for some minutes
Then I called to big pastor, "Another snake!"

He with utmost surprise came around and wondered at my hand
My heavens watched and said, "It is not a wonder
It is a usual thing to the faithfulness of this Great God"
Then we put forth the snake with the shoe without
And with a mighty stone bruised the head
Saying this day the scripture has been fulfilled on your head
For you can do no hurt again after Calvary and your head would not cease to be bruised

And herein is the faithfulness of God
Not that we have been faithful
But that He has been so faithful and merciful
For He that kept Daniel in the lions den
And shut up the mouth of the lions
He also is our God and he keeps from every evil
That nothing shall by any means hurt us

I do not know your situation today
But I bet you that this God is sufficient unto all things
And He can carry you through all things on eagle's wings
For He said, "I am the LORD and I change not
Therefore you sons of Jacob are not consumed"
And He is Faithful unto all things and in every thing
All you need to do is to Trust Him if you know Him

And if you do not really know Him personally
This is a great opportunity for you to come to this Great God
As you close your eyes in simple faith and tell Him your need of Him
Then approach Him in prayers through His Son Jesus Christ who died on the cross,
For your sakes and mine, shedding His blood for our redemption from sin
That we might be Holy creatures unto Him having been saved from sin
And as you pray this prayer, your relationship with Him has already began

Then you may join me as I join the songwriter to sing

"I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus of Nazarene
And I wonder how He could love me
A sinner condemned and so I could live

And Oh how marvelous and how wonderful
And my song shall ever be
Oh how marvelous and how wonderful
Is my saviour's Love for me

He took my sins and my sorrow and he made it His very own
He bore the burden to Calvary
And so he suffered and died alone"

And this shall continue to be your song as you serve Him and trust Him in Jesus name

Yours in His Faithfulness

David, is a King here on earth as he has accepted all that is his in Christ ... 2jesus