A Million Thank You's to God
From Robin & Jordan

I will have to tell you about a mother, Robin and a 3 year old child Jordan. The best way is to give you a section of three letter to 2jesus ... Ferd

From Robin, letter one:

I just found your web site, I spent several hours reading through everything and want to say "thank you". I've been looking for guidance ... Reading and listening to everything I can touch lately regarding faith and healing. I have a son with some chronic skin disorders / intestinal problems and food allergies. He's 3, and lives on only 10 different foods, all organic. He reacts to everything with severe itchy rashes that cover most of his body. It's been very trying on my husband and I for the past 3 years. I've read tons of books on skin disorders, attended seminars and talked with every type of doctor, spent thousands of dollars on all these Dr's. Two years into the problem, the stress of no sleep, taking care of a child who scratches until he bleeds every night, working full time everyday, wore me and my husband down physically and emotionally. It's a difficult thing to watch your baby suffer. I prayed the entire time, I even begged, but nothing seemed to work.

2jesus answered and we prayed together.

Section of Robin's next letter:

Thank you, my fingers were tingling after reading your note - I woke my son up to hold him, to read the prayer. Surely, you must be able to move mountains with that feeling, what a revelation!! I felt like if the devil was anywhere near me, I could beat him head to toe! Praise God, all this time - it's been right there!

Robin's next letter to 2jesus:

Hi Ferd:

I had to share this with you ... I actually had retired for the evening, and got back up to send you a quick note. I was so moved and happy this evening, Jordan had his very first piece of white bread tonight. A biscuit, those big yummy ones (Butter Grams, I think their called). We had dinner with my mom, step dad and Aunt, everyone stopped at the dinner table and held their breath when Jordan started eating it! I just sat with a smile and my "thank you Lord" praises.

I don't think anyone can understand how thankful and happy I am. My whole heart and soul screams with joy. Three long years of my baby being miserable, there's nothing in this world I could have wanted more than for Jordan to be well - no silly lottery money, fancy house, just nothing and the most beautiful thing is Christ tugged on my heart and I found him. I know I need to share my joy verbally with others, not just because the Bible says so, but because it's to much happiness to contain within myself. This is my first gift from God, that I am actually 100% sure came from him (there's been many others, but I can't exactly pin point them because of my past lack of knowledge and obedience) and to think there is so much more offered from him just for having faith / loving him, it's all so overwhelming - and a million "thank you God" just isn't enough.

I see God has so many promises in his Word, and so many people miss that, it's not just about after you pass away, these are gifts he's offering all of us, right now on this big toilet planet we're on (sorry, every time I listen to the news - I tell Larry, my husband, God must be sick to look down and see what kind of "toilet" humans have made of his planet and ourselves). So, what I discovered while saying my prayers tonight is - you turn to Christ for everything, he responds - we rejoice or learn something and feel more love than we could ever imagine and inevitably want to be closer to Him (this is a very nice cycle of events!).

I can surely say, it will not take me 3 long painful years the next time around. This is where PRIDE comes to play and the kind that is WRONG - not the kind of being prideful of working hard. I figured this out just tonight - not sure why, but it just came to me. Doing your best is ok, but stressing over stuff and thinking you can fix any / everything is the wrong PRIDE. Do I have it???? I know the answer. I love that I am finally getting it! Thank you Jesus, he's been taking to me Ferd, once you explained how to listen!

Everything is coming together, beautiful skin, no worry about sending him to school because of his skin. This family is actually going to have a life again, we haven't because everything revolved around severe skin rashes and food issues. If that ain't Satan at work, breaking down a family, what is? The grip was so tight, it nearly choked me and I didn't see it - I felt it inside, but I didn't see it (make sense?).

Thanks for listening, I need to call it a night - I wake up in the middle of the night thinking "Thank you Jesus" - I have peace now and I LOVE it and I pray it NEVER goes away. I will get a family picture of all of us to send you. I also want to send you some pictures of Jordan's skin when you and I first started e-mailing, you'll love to see them and appreciate them, as much as I do.

God Bless,

Jordan, is now a happy, normal, 3 year old. Thank you Jesus ... 2jesus