Michael's Miracle
From Michael

Approximately 4 years ago, May 14, 1997, at night in my house here in Morgantown, beside the college Mountain-lair, I slipped on some oil and fell off my balcony 12 feet to the concrete steps below. I landed on my head.

My parents received the call to come to the emergency room about 1-2 o clock a.m. Shortly before being called my mom claims she was awakened and told to pray for me. A short time later she found out this was the time the rescue squad picked me up and I almost died.

When they arrived I was in surgery. And critical. My outcome was grim .I was in a coma, and on total life support. During this accident I sustained injuries to parts of the brain called the posterior pituitary, and hypothalamus glands. The Doctors thought I would never come off life support, PRAISE GOD I DID, also they thought since the swelling in my brain was so high that I would be worse than a vegetable.

Little by little I amazed them all. My doctor who treated the gland injury afterward informed me that the medical books teach that THE BRAIN NEVER regenerates. I would like to take this opportunity to thank God that I am alive and here to tell my story and to say I am living proof that God still heals.

That Dr. wrote a paper for me stating that I was healed by a higher power. During this time, about the second day of the accident my parents met a wonderful pastor who laid hands on me and prayed. I am told that when he prayed my body jumped in the bed while still in a coma. We attend his church now.

It is on the net Oh by the way I am fine now and planning on starting back to college this fall.