Madison's Miracle
From Her Family

Very recently, a small 4 year old girl named Madison Haily was diagnosed with neuroblastoma; cancer of the nervous system. Our family was devastated. It all came as a big shock. They simply took her to the doctors to get her shots for school, and the doctor said she might have sclerosis, and she (the doctor) wanted an x-ray. After the results came back, they noticed a 3 by 3 inch mass in her chest. Afte a few more tests they said it was neuroblastoma, and it may be attached to her spinal cord. We are hoping it isn't, and we are also hoping it is in the first stage, as this is the stage that is most likely to be cured. Please pray for Madison. Pray the cancer hasn't spread. Pray the cancer is in the first stage. Pray she gets cured. Pray she will be ok, and will win this battle between her, and the cancer. Please pray for this helpless little girl. Please help us. Please. Your prayers are greatly needed. Tell your family and friends about Madison. And ask them to pray also. Please! We need your help. this little girl needs our help, and the help of God.

2jesus, prayed. Jesus answered ...

Madison went in for surgery last Friday, she is now cancer free. The cancer was in its second stage.They removed it all. Blood test came back, and theres no cancer in the blood. Doctors said there pretty sure its the type of cancer that wont return. Doctors also said this was an amazing miracle. I believe this was the act of God. Definitely a miracle, from the prayers! Thank you so so so so so so much!!!!!!! God bless!!!!!!!

Thank you Jesus ... Ferd@2jesus