We Now Know Love
From Terry

I have been saved since 10th grade (1982), my wife has been saved since 1994. I know Jesus has always loved me even though I have not lived up to his expectations. I would go through periods of following the path that Jesus wanted, but I also would stray from that path quite a bit. As a matter of fact I unfortunately still do.

I sometimes would question whether Jesus was still by my side because of the sin of my life. Those questions ended when my wife and I were blessed with a beautiful baby boy. My wife and I have experienced love on a whole new level. We never knew how much we could love another human being as we love our son. We realize that no matter how our son behaves, we will love him beyond belief.

My wife and I know that is how Jesus loves us. No matter what we doe, he loves us. He will never leave us. Whenever we feel distant from Jesus, we must realize that it is us that is pulling away and not him. Jesus is always there for us. He will never forsake us. As my wife and I will always love our little boy no matter what he does, Jesus will always love us. He will always take care of us (his children) as my wife and I always take care of our child. We love you Jesus!!!!!!

I think that Terry has captured Jesus' love very well ... 2jesus