From: Dorcas Ukatie, Nigeria

Dear co laborer in Christ,
Greetings to you and your family and how is the ministry and that of the work the Lord has called you to do as the lord led me to your website (2jesus.org) whose contents have touched and blessed my heart and also that of your testimony. This is why I know God's word is true, Ferd Sebastian It so interesting to know how the Lord saved you and called you to His service from your testimony so am sharing my testimony too.

My name Dorcas Ukatie. My childhood was not a positive one. When I was at my lowest, at age sixteen, I experienced the loving hand of the Lord in a very personal way. I had been very unhappy and depressed, and was at a place where I felt unwanted, worthless, unloved and alone. I started just talking to Jesus, and wept as I told Him I'd thought about suicide, and questioned if I would be allowed into Heaven if I did. I cried out to Him, laying my pain, anguish and years of frustration at His feet while tears poured. In my despair I asked why He would make Himself known, so powerfully and personally at the tender age of three, only to have me come to this point. Even as I asked, an inner voice was answering, washing over me with peace and an understanding that He was listening and He cared.

At that point I sat up in bed and thought, "I wish someone would just hold me and tell me they love me." I was starved for a gentle, loving touch. At that moment I literally felt a presence, as if someone was right next to me. I could feel warmth, and I felt safe. I felt the very real weight of an arm wrapped around my shoulder, and I was embraced and held to Him. Of course, there was no audible sound, but even so, I heard Him tell me I was loved, and He had wonderful plans for me.

It was only a matter of days late, He brought into my life the boy who would become my best friend, who would tell me everyday how beautiful, intelligent and wonderful I am. A boy who would be the man I married almost 26 years ago. God brought us together to strengthen each other, and to support and love each other through all of life's trials. We have faced miscarriages, premature twins, hunger, heart attack, 19 moves, the death of loved ones, and out of control teenagers. Through it all, God has been faithful and has seen us through every storm. During an especially difficult period, with our teenagers, I was outside, in prayer about the situation, when suddenly the pages of my Bible were literally turned by the wind to Jeremiah 31:15-17. It promised me the girls would come back ... to me, and to God. It took four years and calluses on our knees from hours and hours of tearful praying, but again, God kept His word. Our daughters are now beautiful, loving, wonderful, hard working, positive young women who love the Lord.

This is to testify that Christ will carry your burdens and see you through your trials. There is NOTHING too hard for God. If you are lonely, depressed, or in despair, know that Jesus loves you so much that even if you were the only person ever placed on this earth, He still would have died just for you. Risen again, conquering death, just for you.

Eternity is not just in the future. We are in it now. Live forever with the one who loves you most! "Jesus." Here is also a short report from our ministry here:

Recently our church preached a dynamic word, "Where the River Flows". to some local inhabitants who knew little about Christ. This was in appreciation of a aged man who is the head of the village and who had previously banned churches from coming to tell people about Christ in this village, but today he has confessed his sins and accepted Christ to his life and wanted others too.

Key points to the message we preached were:
1. Life abounds because of the river's source; ... God!; 2. Commitment to the vision requires support, in both words and deeds; assuring a constant flow; 3. The Spirit of God must flow through and the channel must be open for the flow to continue; 4. We must be a blessing channel to others; 5. We must recognize the value of God's word and keep it in the forefront, eat it, sleep with it, walk with it and last but not least, God is calling his people to be "faithful" to the call, "faithful to the challenge". A River of Life is being prepared for men and women of God who are devoting their life to the cause and this River will serve to revive, renew, replenish, refresh and restore the people of God. When you make it your business to bless the people of God, God will make it his business to bless YOU!

We can still remember in our mind many calling on Jesus. They poured out their heart. They were asking Him to have mercy on them and take them back to His Arms and also pledging to do His will as well. Just like a girl who was been sick and thought she could died had said -

I AM GRATEFUL TO BE ALIVE. I KNOW GOD DIDN'T FORGET ME, HE HEARD MY PRAYERS AND HE GAVE ME A MIRACLE. I am an only child of my parents and God gave me back to them. I want people to know that God is and always will be on the Throne.
If God can move like this in my life imagine what He can do and will do in yours.
I am still in my early 20's but I know that I have a job to do for God and that's why I am sharing my testimony. I know I could have been gone but God gave me another chance. I plan to use this time for His purpose, not my own! Not anymore!

PLEASE we are in need of HOLY BIBLES as there is much needed to be done for Christ here just like the girl whom we shared her brief testimony with you as we need to place a Bible in her hand and many others as such we kindly request your assistance.

If you have a Bible you would like to send here is Dorcas address ... 2jesus

Pastor Dorcas Ukatie
Healing Christ Gospel Church
No 23 Healing Christ Gospel Church Lane,
Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria