Jesse's Doctor
From Abrahams Granville

Yesterday (9 July 2001) Jesse had his first shots, he was 6 weeks old. As any parent would know, this is a painful experience and there is a real danger of the child developing a fever, or the arm or legs where the injection was done becoming swollen. Jesse was obviously not a happy chappy yesterday. He felt betrayed since it was his mother and 10 year old sister that pinned him down. When I arrived home last night he was wrapped up in blankets and the slightest movement brought about a cry of pain. I could see that the pain was real since the tears were flowing. Jesse's mom was also not in a good state herself since she felt responsible for the pain he was experiencing. I got the feeling when I held him, that the pain could be likened to that of an adult being stabbed several times and left without medical attention.

The situation was quite tense since everybody felt his pain and everybody wanted to ease the pain, everybody had advice on what position to hold him in. My wife got on the phone to get some advice from her mother and other experienced mothers. It was then that I decided to take Jesse to his doctor. Let me tell you a little bit about his doctor. His doctor is on 24 hour call, anywhere anytime. His doctor does not charge anything other than we recommend him to others and tell them about his practice. His doctor is a friend and comforter to Jesse and the family. Thus far his doctor has relieved him of all sorts of ailments. Lets start at the beginning. Jesse was 3.1 kg at birth. Babies lose weight before they gain. At two weeks they should be back at birth weight. Jesse was not gaining fast enough. His pediatrician tried to give us advice - it did not work. We took him to his Doctor and yesterday (after six weeks) he weighed in at 4.4 kg (this astonished the nursing sister). You see three weeks earlier he was 500 g under - yesterday he weighed in at 400g over. When Jesse is struggling with wind and constipation his Doctor relieves him immediately when consulted.

Getting back to yesterday. I took Jesse to his Doctor and after the consultation, not only did the crying stop, not only did the pain go away, he even wanted to play. We played for more than an hour. Singing and acclaiming how great this doctor is. I am sure that you must have heard about his Doctor. He is DOCTOR JESUS. Doctor JESUS is not only a medical doctor he specializes in all fields. He also mends broken hearts. He can cure you of addiction. He claims that through him all things are possible. He claims that no problem that you may have is greater than his mercy. He says that you may think in the NATURAL, but when you add him to your life i.e. the SUPER, then you will experience the SUPERNATURAL. He says that whilst you may be ordinary, if you add him as the EXTRA to your life that you will be EXTRAORDINARY. I recommend Jesse's Doctor to cure any hurt, any pain any baggage that you may carry.

Jesse and I have the same doctor. You never have to wait for an appointment. There is only one problem He is expensive. He wants your heart and soul forever. And He must be very lonely as He never wants you to leave Him. And we are talking about forever ... Ferd@2jesus