Testimony of an Indian
From Lalan Daniel Peter


Dear brother in Christ,

Greetings to you the most highest name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. I have got your web name through a search engine. My name is Lalan Daniel Peter. I am 26 year old south Indian I am very proud to say that I am a Christian. Because my parents are still Hindus. My father was a catholic, but later he became a Hindu and married my mother. But God saved me, more than that he found me.

After my school days I fell down to rock music groups with Jazz drums and vocals. Through that I became a satanic fan. I was fully involved with tobacco, hot drinks and drugs. Now I can't remember and think what I had done that time. Through many months my life were with skulls and witchcraft and became like mad and tried to commit suicide many times. Later in my mind a good think rose up now I understood who done that. I started to search God, where is he?, who is he?

Almost all people in India thinking God is there in the ashrams (monasteries), same thing happened to me. I marched to ashrams and learned Hindu epics and Vedas from ascetics and hermits. I became a servant of a lady God who living here. She is very famous in the world. Gradually I decide to submit my life to lady God. I started to prepare my life for that. Then the Lord's day came to my life. I met a pastor and he shared Gospel of Jesus Christ to me. I also talk against him with the knowledge i learned. But when he shared about the eternal life I understood that something is there with his words, tears and his love affair with Jesus Christ. I understood the truth from that pastor. More over God opened my heart, mind, eyes and brain. I received Jesus as my savior, "praise God, Hallelujah". I have got a new life, what I didn't feel. I understood what is peace. I knew what is joy. God gave me grace to suffer everything and love everybody. Yes it's really great truth.

My parents heard that I became a Christian and they listened my prayers. Then they underlined that our son he is a good man. Later I became homeless, slept in roadsides with prayer and tract distribution. But this time my God used to send me to many places in India and testified Jesus Christ is the only one way to salvation. This time I could understand the basic needs, problems and difficulties from anti Christian organizations and public, what missionaries Christ facing.

Brethren with tears I can say like apostle Paul, many times I became afraid from anti-Christians they put me in lock-up, severe pain in my body, in hunger for months, cold, nakedness danger from robbers, danger from my own people, danger from false brethren, many sleepless nights, I don't know how I suffered all the difficulties I have got to face. But my God gave me grace to over come it. I love my Christ so much. I need to grow in Christ up to his head.

Praise the lord, I am asking your help. Please pray for me to be fill with gifts of the Holy Ghost. I want to be an apostle of Christ Jesus. If you mail me back that will be a happy for my mind. I would like to appoint some missionaries to many parts of India and also like to conduct some small and big Gospel campaigns. Please pray for it.

With all of my heart and mind I am inviting you for the Lord's work before the door close in India. Say others to pray for me. Mail me with your prayer requests I will pray for you.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of our God, and the communion of Holy Ghost, be with you.


We in America do not know what it is like to be a Christian in other parts of the world. Count your blessings. If you want to write Daniel Peter his address is below ... 2jesus


postal id is:-
Bro. Lalan Daniel Peter
c\o Cyril Noronha
A.G nagar
Near Upasana hospital
Kollam district
Kerala state