Thankappan, reported by: Pastor Paul Ciniraj

"Lord Jesus mightly fighting for His children, if anybody persecuting Christians, for which I am a clear evidence", says Thankappan corner to corner by holding the Bible in one hand and showing his terrific stomach to the public. "I was an enemy of Christians, but Jesus Christ loved me, made me alive and saved me from sin and death. Now I am His servant". Thankappan says.

Evangelist Thankappan, a clear evidence

Thankappan was a taxi driver and also a fanatic Hindu. He never liked Christian missionaries. He used to speak against Christianity and was organizing people near the temples against the evangelism activities.

Once he was driving his taxi, he was happened to go nearby a Corner Gospel Meeting, which was conducted by the Salem Voice Ministries. There he noticed a former Muslim and a former Hindu were witnessing Jesus Christ. He became very angry and spit at the meeting.

Suddenly his car was hit with a truck and he was seriously injured with a comma. His intestines, both small and large came out of the stomach. Doctors tried their best, but they could not replace the intestines back to the stomach. They had not even .01% hope about his life. So they just simply kept intestines together as a pack and stitched the stomach.

After few days, while he was still in the comma, he had a vision that Jesus Christ touched him and told, "I am giving you life again. Confess your sins and show yourself as my witness".

Thankappan opened his eyes. He saw Pastor Paul Ciniraj praying over him. Some others including his wife standing around with tears with an expectation of his death.

Though Thankappan was unable to speak, but slowly opened his mouth and said to Pastor Paul Ciniraj, "Pastor, I spit at you. I spit to my Lord Jesus. I persecuted my Lord's servants. I persecuted my Lord Jesus. Forgive me. Forgive me. Ask my Lord to forgive me". Thankappan wept deeply.

While this time, somebody called the doctor. Doctor was amazed to see Thankappan speaking and crying. He said it is a great miracle.

When Thankappan totally healed, he was baptized and became an evangelist of the Salem Voice Ministries, distributing tracts and literature and witnessing Jesus Christ corner to corner. His wife also helping him.

But his children not yet fully saved. Some extremists trying to get Thankappan back from Christianity through his unsaved children. Pray for Thankappan and family.

Miracles are happening all over the world. Our prayers are with Thankappan ... 2jesus