God Gave My Husband's Life Back
From Vivian Roberts

Dear Bro.Ferd,

I praise and thank God for saving my husband Carlton Roberts from a severe heart attack on 17th September, during which time I asked the Lord to fill him with HIS Holy spirit & claimed Jer.33:3.

I had sent my prayer request to you, God heard our prayers & revived my husband from three shock treatments & from pneumonia. He was in the CICU for 8 days & the Lord spoke to him through HIS word Jer. 12:13-17 on 24th Sept at 8.20 a.m., now I see my husband reading the Bible regularly & as you mentioned that he will improve day by day, I can see him recovering so well. Last Saturday he went for a check up and PRAISE GOD two blocks are cleared from LV I am confident that the Lord will remove the remaining blocks from the arteries. Infact the doctors were shocked to see him recover especially after 3 shock treatments as they said that no one goes out of the hospital recovered in such a manner. I know our Lord Jesus Christ was beside me and my entire family perfecting everything that concerned me as HIS promises are true. I give all praise, honor & glory to our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Lord I also thank you for giving me such a wonderful Brother in Christ who is constantly crying out to you for the recovery of my husband. Bless him and his family Lord abundantly with your peace and joy always.

Your sis.in Christ - Vivian

Thank you Sister Vivian ... Ferd@2jesus