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By His Grace
by: Hank

GOD has been with me my whole life. While I wasn't raised in a church going family, He's proved himself to me again, and again. Once, in a terriable drowning accident, I was dead for 45 minutes. Before going down for the last time, I cryed out for JESUS to save me. I was given my "Last rites"in 1981. Tonight in 2000 I am typing this. No, I am not perfect. I am redeemed! Theres not enought space here to tell you how many times GOD has answered my prayers. If you do know Jesus and you just surfed on this site PLEASE! seek him. You will not be able to count the blessings he'll give to you ... Just like He has me. And I am not worthy to wipe the dirt from his sandles!! But, by his GRACE I am loved.


Hank thank you for sharing. 2jesus