He Is My Joy
From: Diane Hue

Dear Sister Tracy,

I thank God for all my brothers and sisters who had prayed for me for my thyroid illness.

Sister, please extend my thanks for my brothers and sisters for their prayers. May God bless you and all greatly in His abundance through Jesus Christ our Lord.

I want to share with you a miracle that I am experiencing from God.

Last Sunday, I have noticed that my lump on my neck became smaller and my eyes look better (not so budge out). Besides this, I don't feel weak and tired when I walk short distances. Before this, my heart will beat very fast even though I walk short distances; sometimes almost breathless. Gradually the following days, I could see the improvement on my lump and my eyes which are the obvious sign. I thank God for this healing and I believe He will heal me completely. I am looking forward to seeing my doctor end of this month.

Thank you. God is good. He is my joy.


Sister Diane

We praise God with Diane ... 2jesus